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Thread: 2 years Report using WT1 75-3 Thermal riflescope.

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    2 years Report using WT1 75-3 Thermal riflescope.

    Hello Gents,
    A year on since I posted this account as a reply to another Posting. Now revised /updated

    WT1 75-3, superb piece of kit. Purchased April 2016. Report after 2 years usage. - my rating 5 star. Yes, I do know Clive, met him when when I visited his premises to purchase the Ward D800L, then WT1 75-3.

    Each to their own, but Thermal for me every time; the positives far outweigh any negatives.
    How I reached my verdict, I use the .223 40gn V-Max Homeloads,Chrono’d @ 3740fps:-
    A brief history of my NV kit with .223 rifle, as a vermin controller for a syndicate game shoot covering approx. 16,000 acres with 43,000 mix of pheasant & partridge. (another 2000 acres added 2017)

    1. Gen 1 Binoculars and PS22 Gen 2+ front attachment to Bushnell 4200 Elite optical scope with IR illuminator; limited magnification approx. 4 times. Clear identification of moving fox 75 – 100 yards
    2 Pulsar Recon 750 spotter with Nightmaster 800 IR, Pulsar DFA75 front attachment to Bushnell 4200 Elite optical scope with Nightmaster 800 IR; limited magnification approx. 6 times. Clear identification of moving fox 150 yards.
    3. Pulsar thermal HD50s spotter & Pulsar N870LRF(rangefinder 400 yards) with Nightmaster 800 IR, magnification approx. 8 times. Clear identification of moving fox 200yards. Swapped N870LRF to the Ward D800L Sightron scope combo, now 300yards identification.
    4. Pulsar thermal HD50s spotter, Ward Thermal riflescope WT175-3, magnification 6, 12 or 24. Clear identification of moving fox, 300 yards. Longest dispatched fox to date with thermal scope, 348 yards.

    Stage 3 was a good combo’ at the time, until one frustrating Fox stake-out, near partridge release pens, had me reaching for my cheque book to purchase the incredible Ward WT1 75-3thermal scope.
    Situation, summers evening, dusk at 22.00hrs, dawn around 04.00hrs– set up 175 yards from partridge pens which had previously been raided by fox(s). As dawn approached, 02.45hrs, viewed fox with thermal spotter approx. 120 yards, an easy shot. Picked up .223 rifle with Pulsar N870LRF IR and couldn’t see a thing – a thin ground mist had rolled-in over the grass and my IR scope was “blind”, useless. Picked up thermal spotter and could again easily see fox, having waited 5 hours, particularly frustrating! To stop the possible carnage of another 50 plus partridge being decapitated I stood up, shouted and fox ran off.
    Another instance where the WT1 75-3 thermal scope was of benefit. A late November fox stake-out observing a cover crop in the lee of a large privately owned wood. Already dispatched 2 foxs when I spotted another at 23.30hrs @ approx. 230yds, – BUT when viewing through WT1, in the backdrop 400 yards away, I also spotted a trespasser walking his dog among the trees in the privately owned wood – no torch – of course not, he was trespassing! Would not have noticed or seen him moving within the woods with IR scope, but thermal scope, yes!.
    Thermal equipment is expensive, but given most Game Shoots charge around 50 per shot bird, making every 100 birds lost to fox predation a potential loss of 5000 to the Game Shoot, then it becomes cost effective.There are two of us controlling vermin on this Game Shoot, we now both have PulsarThermal spotters and superb WT1 75-3 scopes. Noted in my historic records from previous 12 seasons, without thermal equipment, the most foxes dispatched were127, the norm being around the 80 - 100 mark. Our combined fox tally this 2016/17 season is 293, and we are still seeing more foxes, post end of season. We had totally underestimated the number of foxes on /attracted to the Shoot.
    N.B. I would also add that I’ve never lost zero with this WT1 scope, hot or cold weather and even after slight knocks, surprisingly fantastic!

    Thermal is not at its best during a really hot summers day,or early hot summer evening, thermal requires to “see” heat contrasts. (Winter, anytime, there’s no problems.) So, for these hot daytime periods I have another.223 with Sightron optical scope fitted, come dusk I add the excellent Ward D800L IR rear attachment +Black Sun for early night use. (Useable magnification up to 14 times with Sightron 2.5-17.5 x 56 scope) Then about an hour after dark, when the ground has cooled down, I swap back to the .223 rifle with the WT175-3 thermal scope.

    If you’ve not had that opportunity to examine the Ward WT1 75-3 Thermal scope yet, then if you live anywhere near Ashford, Kent, you could visit Clive Ward’s premises and see just how good his WT1 75-3 Thermal scope is:- base magnification is 6 times with progressively lower resolution at 12 & 24 at the quick press of a button. There is also the option to switch color pallets to optimize target and backdrop. Far superior to any of the Pulsar range of thermal scopes, IMHO.

    Handheld thermal spotter resolution at standard 2 or 3 magnification, when doubled (4 or 6) on most units would result in poor optical pixilated quality, at this point I look through my WT1 75-3 Thermal scope for clarity and use the base 6x or stepped up 12x mag; 24 mag is useable but pixilated, but hopefully you will have already identified target. As always, identification of targets is paramount. I’ve gained much experience identifying species at those longer ranges using thermal, by observing the way an animal moves and hunts. Agreed if the animal is at a distance (300 yards), not moving, lying down, then identification using thermal can be difficult and unreliable, but at this same distance I found Gen 2+ or Digital IR imaging gave no advantage! A Keeper I know with an Archer Gen 3 unit also has the same difficulty at 300 yard distances.
    However, the real massive benefit of THERMAL imaging for me, is the ability to "see" targets through fog, ground mist and rain, which I found near impossible with the Gen 2+ or Digital IR, still means I can continue with vermin control when other’s pack up and go home. As an instance last December, a chap with DronePro 15x mag, had to packup early when a slight mist hung over the ground, he could not view anything that night over 80 yards. Myself, no problem with the Thermal WT1, I continued to shoot until the early hours, dispatching 2 more foxes out to 230 yards.
    Hope this account will be helpful to someone?
    Best regards
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    Excellent account thanks for sharing with us it certainly helped me..

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    Good review, impressive kit and performance

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    Royr are you the keeper at the 16000acre estate ?

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    Royr have you looked through a Pulsar Trail XP50 as a comparison with the Ward thermal ?

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    Good Afternoon 243 Fallow,
    No, not a Keeper, one of two Vermin Controllers, who receive concessionary Game Shoot Days for this service.

    I could/should have mentioned that the Game Shoot had a record return of birds, partridge and pheasants, for 2016/17 season; 21,200(ish)from 40,000. It could have been better, if on some of the days the Guns had been more competent, only achieving a 1 in 5 cartridge ratio!
    The other noticeable thing that 16/17 season, was that the Pickers-Up were finding dead birds in the wooded areas from the previous days shoot; there had been no gleaning from foxes overnight.
    Another thing I noticed with the thermal spotter, during my December and January night time stake-outs on the boarders of our Game Shoot, were the coveys of partridges that were flying onto our land from neighbouring Shoots. These partridge were probably being harassed at night by foxes and so sought refuge on our patch, a sanctuary for them – a Win-Win situation!
    During December through to March, 26 vixens were accounted for, that's hopefully around 150 less cubs we will have to deal with this coming season

    Good Afternoon Blueroll,
    No, I have not looked at the recent Trail XP50 with its limited 1.6 x magnification to 12x mag. However, I did look at an earlier Pulsar unit, it was their top unit, Apex XD75 which was around at same time I purchased the WT1 75-3. Like the specs on the Trail, the Apex had limited magnification of 3x or digital zoomed 6x mag. Personally, I cannot shoot foxes out to 150yards on 3x mag, let alone 300yards with digital zoomed 6x mag. I applaud those people that say they can. The WT1 75-3 has a base 6x magnification which I use for foxes out to 130yards and the zoomed 12x mag for anything up to 300yards. Very occasionally I’ve used the 24x mag which accounted for that 348yard fox. What must be considered is that the pixel display is halved for every doubling of the digital zoom. This is where the WT1 75-3 was a clear winner for me, clarity and definition. It has a base magnification of 6x at full resolution and 12x mag at half that, still very useable. With the Apex there was also the disconcerting momentary “Freezing” of the screen when the Apex recalibrated itself, think it also made a small “Beep” as well, this “Freezing” does not happen with the “shutterless”system used on WT1 75-3.
    Recently, it also came to light that the Pulsar units have a temperature problem and can lose POI / Zero. With my handloads, I have achieved sub 1/2 MOA, when I do my bit, with 200 yards zero, despite some small knocks the Wt1 75-3 has never lost zero - works for me!

    Me personality, I would only consider the Apex/Trail range, with their limited magnification and POI concernes, for short range usage. I can envisage them being in their element on a .22 rimfire using subsonic ammo on rabbits out to 100 yards, or perhaps a 17hmr out to 130yards using the zoomed 6x mag.
    BUT, do remember, at similar prices there is the WT1 50-3 with 4 / 8 /16 magnification, definitely worth consideration for those shorter ranges, IMHO.
    Now I’m waiting for one of these WT1 50-3 to appear with inclusive LRF for my .22 rimfire, to replace the Pulsar N870 LRF / Nightmaster 800IR.
    Each to their own.
    Best regards
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    Quote Originally Posted by BLUEROLL View Post
    Royr have you looked through a Pulsar Trail XP50 as a comparison with the Ward thermal ?
    This a comparison that was done with a WT 1 50-3. The XP is superior in almost all technical aspects.
    Blaser K95 Stutzen - the ultimate deer stalking rifle

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    Hello Mchughcb,
    That's interesting.

    I don't know which digital recording device these recordings were made on or was it the same for both videos, but having reviewed the video it is evident to me that the contrast and brightness settings were incorrectly set on the Ward unit!
    Having too much contrast has given a glare around the fox image, which is easily removed if the contrast is turned down.
    Knowing how to effectively use any equipment is paramount to achieving the best results.

    If people believe the Pulsar unit would be a better choice for their situation, then buy it.
    I can only give my account, for my situation, and the 293 fox tally results 16/17 are testament to this success using the Ward WT1 75-3 unit.

    Best regards
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    Royr thanks for the info about the Trail XP50, very interesting to hear your views.

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    Quote Originally Posted by royr View Post
    I can only give my account, for my situation, and the 293 fox tally results 16/17 are testament to this success using the Ward WT1 75-3 unit.

    I know sfa about thermals etc but I do like that you can back it up as an actual device user that is delivering results.
    04-07-2018, 19:32I must admit i read a lot of john's dog posts above and just cringe when i read them .........Countryboy 04-07-201804-07-2018, 19:32

    It amazes me as to how many Aussies are lurking on this forum as members of the Secret Squirrel Society.

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