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Thread: Swedish Game Fair

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    Swedish Game Fair

    I went to the Swedish game fair at the weekend. The game fair is nowhere as big as the CLA game fair in England. There was the usual displays of guns, Tikke, Sako, Browning and Berretta but there were a few eyecatching guns. A very nice three barreled rifle from Ferlach and the Krieghoff drilling were worth a fondle.
    I did get a bit moist looking at small stand that had hand made Same knives. It quite made the wallet twitch but i resisted the urge to buy.
    I must say i was a bit disappointed at the lack of working dogs on display as most swedish hunting uses dogs. truth to tell it was a piss poor. but there were a couple of intresting things going on. In the morning they had a bear test useing a remote control bear (electric wheel chair with a bear skin draped over it). Great fun watching the dogs work. In the afternoon they changed the bear skin to a boar skin for the boar hunting dogs to have a go.
    There was also a artificial earth for training terriers. It was only a small scale set up but the dogs had fun. In the full size earths of which there are several in Sweden they use a tame badger but in this one they just waved a fox brush

    Gråhund working the bear

    white Gråhund

    The earth for the terriers

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    Great report there sir. Fascinating to see a take from another country.

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    hi jagare
    frax is on the button here
    why there is not more publicity for game fairs across the water i can not understand
    from my own experience the UK seems to be the fore runner in gamefairs even though the hunting and shooting across the globe has reached a level that easily surpasses the uk in the types of species vailable to the hunter either rifle ,shotgun, dog, fishing or hawk enthusiastic,
    but your post is still entertaining to say the least as it shows something our game fairs will never see
    and many thaks for that

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    There is a very good Game Fair in france. I went to one at a race course in the middle of Paris several times. There is also the French game fair outside of Paris every year. The French love there hunting and its well worth a visit to see how your nieghbours do it.
    Next year we have the game fair in Jönköping only an hour away from my place. So if any body is intrested in a weekend away next May to look at something different let me know.

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