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Thread: Hello All, aliS

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    Hello All, aliS

    Hi, I would just like to introduce myself,

    I currently live in the highlands, north of Inverness where I grew up. I have been shooting since I was 14 cutting my teeth on a Laurona s/s .410 shooting bunnies, jackdaws and pigeons on the 14 acres where I grew up. In addition to this I was shown the ropes of lamping rabbits and foxes with an ex-Lt-Col from the Highlanders.
    I left home at 17 to join the military learning to shoot once again with the highlight being the AW50F, its not so much a bang more of an explosion! I have held my FAC and S/gun certificate since I was 18. I currently work off-shore. Which gives me plenty of time to shoot the land over which I have permission. 300 acres of which produces Reds, although I have never really had a go at them. This time of year I spend many a morning wildfowling and currently (with the help of friends) we are trying to re-establish an existing flight pond that has silted up. Not sure on that one though! I really enjoy stalking Roe and hope this site will improve my chances and knowledge of deer. I am also booked onto a DSC Level 1 course which is upcoming at the end of this month.
    I also have a 8 month old lab bitch who is the apple of my eye, she is on course to be my portable hot water bottle on the foreshore, not sure about getting her tracking deer though but I'm sure she could when she comes of age. She has a rock steady stay on command when she spots a deer, something we have worked on since she was a pup. You can tell when she picks up the trail of a deer in the woods, she just wants to follow it... But more importantly she just wants to please.
    Amongst several shotguns, H&H rook gun, I also have a 10/22 and a CZ .222 which is in getting threaded and fitted with a shiny new A-TEC moderator. I recently got rid of my .243 to make space in my cabinet for a new shotgun, the girlfriend say’s I’m not allowed another cabinet. Changing guns is fine… as she never know!

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    Hi there and welcome.. I'm curious about the H & H rook gun, is it original calibre or bored to .410?


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    Hi Fraser,

    Thankfully the gun was forgotten about for a very very long time until recently so has been fortunate enough to escape being re-bored, although saying that at least you could use a .410! I think a catapult is more lethal for crows and rabbits than this thing. We think it is a .295 but my old boy is pretty insistent it is a .310 Cadet. I’ve sent picture to H&H, they said they would do their best to have a look and provide any history/info of it that they have. Problem being that rook guns where off the self and not bespoke. Either way it’s a lovely little gun… picture attached… Click image for larger version. 

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    Seeing it's a H & H it could be worth restoring. Check out how much they are going for on Holts auction site ("back catalogue" prices)...
    Holt's - Auctioneers of Fine Modern Antique Guns
    There's a book by Colin Greenwood on rook rifles too. Your second photo is missing a chunk,can you post again for us nosy folk?

    ps...You can get them shooting again (need to put it on fac of course) easier with .310 cadet than .295 but if it's a Holland my guess is it's not Cadet,more likely .295. Check C. Greenwoods book for details. It's a project I'd like to do sometime but no time or money at the mo.
    All the best with it.

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    Welcome to the site, and I too am interested in the rook rifles and calibres. The rifle you have looks like a H&H "Ross" rook rifle, or it could be a Royal. On the left upper barrel flat it may have the inscription .295 Semi Smooth Bore, winner of all the "Field" rifle trials of (I think) 1893".
    I'm not sure if H&H chambered their rook rifles in .310, but .295(which is also known as .300 Rook), and the 297-250 were about the most popular chamberings of these rifles.
    If I get the chance to go in my loft tomorrow I could hunt out a 300 and a 310 case to send you, whichever one fits will tell you what clibre it is. If interested, PM me your address. What kind of condition is the bore in?

    Whoops. Just remembered, the Ross and the Royal were hammerless. This one's a slightly earlier model.
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    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Welcome AliS, good to have you on the forum and with such a detailed intro. Look forward to seeing your points of view and discussions on the forum.
    Welcome and good luck on the DSC level 1.

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