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Thread: And so it begins..........

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    And so it begins..........

    Yesterday morning I heard the first call of the migratory stalker, the first of whom started this years trip run on Friday evening. I heard the call at 9:30 am it was made about 40 miles South of Inverness, Malcolm made the call and he informed me that all was well and they would see me mid afternoon. He was travelling up with Robin, who was making his inaugural trip for the stalking week. They had to stop at Tesco's in Inverness, to get food and supplies for the week and Robin was after a copy of Health and Efficiency , this could be a cause for research amongst our younger members .

    Just after 2:00pm I got a call from Terry, the pheasant sniper he let me know he was just clearing Inverness and would be arriving shortly.

    With all three travellers here or very close I made my way to base camp. In keeping with the usual efficiency of these events there was no bugger there. So I made up for this show of rudeness by hiding what I, correctly, took to Robin's sticks which were leaning against an outside wall. I then spent the next ten minutes or so scanning Heartbreak ridge, watching the rabbits running around the target board and in a final show of my impatience I had a pee up the wall . Then Terry arrived and I just knew the week was off and running in it's normal fashion. In fact it was fashion that caught my eye as our Terry was already decked out in camouflage gear, trendy shorts! which were about as much use as a knife in a gun fight. Once his bare legs had got acclimatised, I think it was about 2 seconds, he told me it was nice and warm in Poole when he left.

    Anyway Terry and I spent some time chatting when the other two arrived, they had been mingling with the natives, and getting the local gossip. They were both well, although Robin did look tired after his journey.

    We adjourned inside for a cuppa and a chat. We got ourselves comfy and Robin started a fire as he was a bit chilly. Terry pointed out to him that being tired made you feel cold and he looked tired as he'd had a long journey (see a pattern forming her Wadas, Andy?). We had our tea and limbered up our pi$$ taking skills, and mourned for those that would not be there this year and then it was decided that a traditional tribesman greeting of firing weapons was to be practised.

    Robin, being the most senior member (oldest) present was dispatched to put targets on the board, he made a grand job of it even though, as was pointed out to him he must have been tired after his long journey. The sighting in went well and it was time for me to take my leave. I turned right out of the Manse and as I drove past they they were, out Terry and Hinge and Bracket leaning over the wall looking for deer up on Heartbreak ridge when I could not help but notice the Robin was looking a little tired after his long journey and suggested he took a nap. I'm not really sure that English was the language used in the reply.

    So that is it, and in one weeks time the rest of the migrant stalkers will arrive.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Good luck for the week ahead. All the best from lovely warm Poole in ever so sunny Dorset......

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    I hope you learn how to sleep with one eye open, but would be better with 2, just a thought.

    Your day of reckoning will come, soooooon.

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    nice start to the story jayb, i had a call from our terry asking me if i had the postcode for the cottage, i was up in north lincs working so no chance so where had HINGE and BRACKET got to if tel was there first dogging scotish style? glad you all got there safe, see you at the weekend. lets hope you get some good nights sleep in this week because you wont dare even have forty winks next week, let the games comence
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    Quote Originally Posted by wadashot View Post
    I hope you learn how to sleep with one eye open, but would be better with 2, just a thought.

    Your day of reckoning will come, soooooon.

    As you can see things have started already, I won't go into detail but suffice to say, lies were told, toys came out of prams and gauntlets thrown down . Oh yes next week will be interesting.

    Not only that Robin has shot two hinds in the regen wood Wadas there will be none left Andy has already told me to put more padlocks on the gate.

    It wont be long.
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    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Is that 2 sika or red hinds JAYB?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jingzy View Post
    Is that 2 sika or red hinds JAYB?
    Hello John, hope you`re well.

    After a conversation with Malc today i am led to believe they were Sika mate.


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    Let battle commence

    Have a good week guys but try not to shoot more deer than terry you no how grumpy he can get if he gets beaten

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    terry is just grumpy full stop i hope you put that padlock on for me jayb? not long now

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