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Thread: scopes and mounts

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    scopes and mounts

    i have for sale the following items which i'm selling on behalf of a friend in the gun trade hence the trade membership

    ***SOLD ***1x pecar berlin 3-10x45 scope, 25mm tube boxed with dust caps, the reticule has a thick post coming from the bottom which goes to a point in the centre and a thin horizontal line
    125 posted (u.k mainland only)***SOLD ***

    ***SOLD ***1x pecar berlin 3-10x45 exactly the same as above but missing box,dust caps and turret caps 105 posted (u.k. mainland only)***SOLD ***

    ***SOLD***1x pecar berlin 3-10x45 exactly the same as above but this one has turret caps and a very fine standard cross type reticule 125 posted (u.k. mainland only)***SOLD***

    all the scopes are of a very good quality and buyers should not be put off by the price as these really are top notch german made scopes but please note even tho the glass and all working parts are in 100% conditions there are ring marks and general use scratches on all of the scopes

    this is a pic of a 26mm tube version of the scope but they all look exactly the same as this more pics on request tho

    also avalible

    2x sets of optiloc 25mm rings 11mm clearance (medium?) blued NOT stainless 25 post per set (u.k. mainland only)

    1x set of tikka optiloc 25mm rings 6mm clearance (low?) AND bases blued NOT stainless 55 posted (u.k. mainland only)

    any questions please ask and also see my post in the general section (under the firearms,optics, dogs, vehicles bit) if your after a harris bi-pod for 45
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    PM sent with offer to buy on the two remaining scopes + 1 set mounts

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    all the scopes are now sold just the optiloc rings and bases left

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    Hi , i take it the bases suit a Sako dovetail ?

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