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Thread: One or two more shots from this morning

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    One or two more shots from this morning

    A couple more shots from this morning, that I couldnt fit on the first thread


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    same standard as before, i think you could have fun with picture three in a new thread titled would you or would you not.
    atb and thanks again


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    Hi Frank,

    The stag in the third shot was probably the biggest stag I saw all morning and that photograph was probably taken at about 180 yds from the deer. A lovely rising bank was just behind the fence so it could have made a safe enough shot if it had been on my permission, sadly it was not......... If you were to have taken the shot, you would have had plenty of neck to aim at, and although the stag has his head tipped slightly back in the picture, I would have put it as a good silver medal stag, maybe even gold ???


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    Here was the original shot of the big eight pointer that I cropped into to get the third photo above. It was taken at approx 180 yds with the camera on full 18x zoom, whilst rested on a fence post.

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    i assume you enter the odd competition mate, they really are good pics

    i assume its a quality digital camera and what mega pixel is it.

    great pics.


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    Very nice pics!!

    Where abouts is the country are they?



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    Hi Rob,

    The pictures are taken on the RSPB Arne nature reserve near Wareham in Dorset. There is a good population of Sika on the reserve which have become habituated to human presence, so do not fear humans in the same way as normal Sika. I go down there as it gives great photo opportunities on the Sika which you probably wouldn't get anywhere else. The deer are getting culled on the estate now so maybe their apparent tameness may well change in the next few years??

    Glad you like the pictures


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    Here are a few more pictures that I took on the same morning at Arne. Thanks for all the kind comments. Really appreciated

    All the best

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