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Thread: how many of you???

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    how many of you???

    hi all how many of you have shot all 6 species ?

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    only red and roe, hope that sd 2010 will add one more to the list....
    later this year another sd member will be under pressure to add the number four to the list ha ha

    atb f.

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    I see you have done form you gallery so well done on that. I haven't. I have currently only shot red and roe and am booked on for a fallow pricket in mid october and intend to bag a munty over the next 6 months or so not sure when i will get sika and cwd though but out of those two i have more desire to stalk sika as i hear they are the hardest to stalk.


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    Yes all wild in uk and not in park, oh and wild manchurian sika, so thats 7 species in the UK

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    All six and all in the wild


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    All 6 and all wild for me too, although it wasn`t something that i felt i needed to do, it just happened.


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    Both sexes of all 6 and all wild.
    Not shot a wild boar yet though but have it on my ticket ready for one!
    Here... piggy piggy piggy!

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    have shot pigs
    just cwd and i'm on a promise for both of them.
    the other 5 had both sexes

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    cwd and sika to go, so far i have shot mainly munties then roe red and only shot one fallow. tbh if it happens it happens but not a target i set out to do.

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