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Thread: Real Weirdo hanging about the Highlands

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    Real Weirdo hanging about the Highlands

    Hi Guys

    I know it ain't stalking related but if you have families, you'll understand

    The guy below

    Leaving Facebook... | Facebook

    French pervert Hubert Noditza is in Scotland | The Sun |Home Scotland|Scottish News

    The Hubert Noditza case.

    Man avoids jail term by agreeing to leave State - The Irish Times - Sat, Mar 13, 2010

    Police seek man who declared love for child - Press & Journal

    Turned up in our village [Boat of Garten] yesterday at a school fundraiser, he also tried to befriend my family, and actually talked himself into my house. Later on I luckily remembered a conversation 6 months back that I had and the guy fitted the descrip, anyway I called cop shop and a few favours.
    Anyway , turns out he has been camped outside the village in the forest for 3wks, 200m from where my daughters feed and look after horses!
    Anyway with the help of the vilagers keen eye we pestered the [maybe about 50 calls] police all day today about his where abouts, they claimed he had done nothing wrong but we were right to be worried and don't go near him!!!

    I understand he was lifted an hour ago.

    There is a good chance he will be out in 24hrs, please be vigilant, he is a real creepy guy

    I don't want to raise a vigilanty mob but it is best to know where these folk are.

    It's been a stressfull couple of days, my wife and kids are really freaked out, if you see him phone the cops, make his life hell

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    His facebook page is just

    Small sample:

    And they pretended not to remember that they were left on their own in the house... (twice at least, when I was staying at theirs) The mum feinted a surprise: "When was that??" taking an astonished expression on purpose (quite certainly to make me think that she didn't want them to be left on their own, as if it was a big mistake...)
    Therefore, even more because of that hypocritical "When was that??", I really felt that they (at least the mum of the then 8yo girl) encouraged it.
    Even the Garda only said: "It's something that goes on..." and "What can we do about it?" or "It's none of (y)our business"... I only agree with the last sentence!
    Also they borrowed my mobile and sent weird texts to themselves saying that I wanted to marry their then 8yo daughter. (I like fairy tales but I don't believe in them really, do u? I think they do. Anyway she (and most 8yo girls) have passed the age of playing the ballet dancing & singing princesses)
    I must admit the parents and I talked about marriage (not marriage with their daughter(s) though!!) and I said it is extremely important for me especially as I want to have children!
    (*)And one important thing is that after around 2-3 weeks I had stayed at theirs (towards the end of May 2009) as some people in their church googled my name, they saw the articles written about the Fashion show incident of Aberdeen (April 2009, see further below(**))
    Becoming paranoid, the dad also said that I assaulted him and went into their property. I went into their garden to get my hat back but I never assaulted him! He had threatened me and become angry several times (I must admit that perhaps I got on his nerves a little bit sometimes) but I never assaulted them nor even threatened them, not even swore at them.
    All this certainly comes from one of the most common vicious circles: lack of sleep (as well as proper food and other good things...), which makes people more likely to be paranoid, which makes people more likely to have sleeping problems, which makes people more likely to be paranoid... and so on, it escalates!
    From (You need to be logged into Facebook to view it)

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    as a father to a young family of boys and a girl i hate to see this stuff and hear of it.
    it actually makes my skin creep and ponder how depraved some are.
    i hope they will send him home to his own country where he belongs and soon. .
    a public forum of Fac holders is not where this matter should be aired as a careless slip of the tongue can be misconstrued and cost dearly.
    as for the op mate count your blessings and thank the lord god whom you believe in that you where lucky enough to smell the rat before it was to late.
    if any one sees anyone looking remotely like him report it, dont think you will be wasting police time, the one time you dont call could be the wrong time.

    i pray for all our families that this sort of behaviour never effects us.

    atb f.

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    Thanks for posting the links Bambislayer. No doubt he will surface elsewhere although it looks as if he should be locked up before he does real harm


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    This weirdo was living only a mile from us here in Kerry until his "deportation" earlier this year. He put the family who befriended him through hell as well as making a general nuisance of himself knocking on peoples doors at all hours demanding money, food and lifts into town.

    You'll be well rid of him


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    They reckon everyone has a double, wouldn't take much for Hugh F Whittingwhatsit to get lifted!............ seriously though, he seems to get around a lot & everyone needs to be aware of his appearance.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    thats who i thought it was
    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    They reckon everyone has a double, wouldn't take much for Hugh F Whittingwhatsit to get lifted!............ seriously though, he seems to get around a lot & everyone needs to be aware of his appearance.

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    Thanks for the heads up there. Shouldn't be too difficult to spot in our little community!

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    Quote Originally Posted by irishgun View Post
    we heard noting of that hear ...

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