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Thread: A Bit Of Guidance

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    A Bit Of Guidance

    Anybody in the Cumbria area who could give a mate a bit of guidance.

    A friend who is not a stalker bought a BMH basically as a pet but now would like to give tracking a go. I know some may be thinking why a BMH him not being a stalker but lots of people buy spaniels/labs etc and don't shoot.

    The guy is just looking for somebody who could give him some pointers on what he should be doing and how to progress with the dog.

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    Tell him to get his hands on a book By Niels Sondergard (BDS) great read and will put him along the right path



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    Bordersman, Yes the books are under discussion. I have the book and agree it's good reading. I know from personal experience that a wee bit hands on guidance can turn what you read into something you can understand clearer from a practical point. Years ago when I started with gundogs I spent a bit of money investing into 1 to 1 lessons with a very good trainer. Not for a dog but for me. It just gave me that extra bit of confidence to convert what I was reading into practical training. Worth every penny and to me stands you in good stead not just for the dog you have but for the future.

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    Tell him to give me a bell Gazza, i'll help him start and know a lad with a BMH in Cumbria who should be able to give him a hand. I know where the dog is from and it is a good line so he should have no probs once he gets his head round how to start
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    Mark, Will do. Many thanks.

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