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Thread: Polecat / Ferrets

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    Polecat / Ferrets

    Hi everyone, I know its getting on a bit for Ferret kits but I'm looking for a couple for my Son...............Im happy enough to travel a reasonable distance.

    Any ideas? I'm in South West Scotland.



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    Shame you are so far way, I know two chaps with surplus

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    ferret kits

    I have a litter of 4 week old kits (late i know) and will be travelling to portpatrick in about 3 1/2 weeks
    any good to you

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    Shame the distance is aways, I have four cracking hobs here I want to go to working homes, all polecat type.

    If anyone in the kent area is looking for any hobs PM me

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    I have 7 to go 5 this years 2 last years polecat,sandys,silvers hobs and jills going up to the borders thursday

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    Lads, thanks for the offers.............PM sent.

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