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Thread: Ending an Evening of Pike Fishing

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    Ending an Evening of Pike Fishing

    My fishin' buddy, Jim, is a wildman for northern pike. We try to get out as often as we can, and more often than not, we're after northerns. A couple of nights ago, we got on on the outlet stream of a local lake to do some pike fishin'. We didn't exactly slay them, I think we each caught two and all of them were about 3-pounders. However, it was a great evening fishing, and as we were pulling the 'little green boat' out of the water, we were given this view. It was a nice way to end an evening's fishing.


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    great picture

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    Very nice pic I would put that up on my hallway .

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    That's very kind of you. Thanks.


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    quit the day job and become a photographer youl make a million, even pics on your other posts are great

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    Thanks! As I said on the "Long Lake" thread, it's easy to be a "good" photographer with such splendid scenery.


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    Gitano: Here's a email I was sent from Canada of a Pike caught out of the Great Slave lake, you had mentioned big fish in the Lakes

    Attachment 2824

    Attachment 2825

    Attachment 2826

    The story go's the guy was fishing caught the twenty pound Pike the other Pike hit the twenty pounder on its way in he landed both of them the one he's holding broke the current record for a Pike at 55 pounds .

    Ive always fancied a bit of fishing on the Great Slave lake but just can't seem to get away from Vancouver Island when the Kings are running thick and fast

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    I think those are "leviathans". Yikes!


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    Nice photo, again.

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