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Thread: Feeding

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    What do you guy's use to feed wild boar.

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    Hi Teckel,

    When I have fed them in the past I have used mostly wheat and maize. But I would imagine they would eat most things, going by the bins I see turned over round here! Acorns are a natural staple, and they are tucking into those at the moment.



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    Thanks Thomas, i'll give the wheat and maize a try.



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    I have fed them in Poland with the local hunting unuion and they fed them white beets chopped up a bit. I think they'll eat almost anything. you could try the likes of turnip or sweed.

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    I know a few people who have also fed them on sugar / fodder beet over here too. Certainly a cheaper alternative to wheat and maize if you have to buy it.



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    go to the lidl shop on the other side of monmouth bridge and buy six tins of sweet corn in brine, mix with apples and molasis they love it, take a spade anstamp it in and wiggle back and forth tip in apples sweet corn and molasis then close mud over it and stick a stick into ground to mark it..(this way you can spot from afar if they have been eaten)

    or you can dig a trough into the ground and put it all into there....

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    I have had good success with maize.I used to use molases at first but stoped using it as i found no benifit by using it.The ground that i shoot on grows alot of sugarbeet,wheat and spuds.The boar will hammer the sugarbeet and wheat but seem ignore the tatties for some reason.The good thing with boar is that once you have got them feeding and providing you feed every day they are pretty easy to shoot.The down side is there *******s to skin.

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    There is a new idea here in Germany to use halibut boillies as in the fishing lark.
    I bought some plus added mackerel oil on top and am trying it out on my ground here, I will keep you posted.

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    The farmers here are havesting the maize today so I am off now to feed them all some lead boillies when they make a break out of the cover it had given them for so long.

    Well an amazing day that was. We stood around for about eight hours in total and only two foxes and a roe doe with two young came out of the maize jungle and I had to be the one to connect with one of the foxes. That made me Jagdkönig (shooting king) for the day so I had to buy the schnapps rounds afterwards.
    Can"t win em all.
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