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Thread: Shooting rights

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    Shooting rights

    Does anyone know what rights a landowner has over shooting on his own land, when somebody else owns the shooting, game rights. ie. Can the landowner shoot his own land even though he has no shooting, game rights? Regards, Ed.

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    Usually a clause can be included to say "retaining two rods on the X,Y, or Z, stretch of said river or lake", or "estate rifle may be used by His Lordship on this or that date or occasion"
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    This can depend on alot of things, if the farmer is a tennant then most estates allow vermin control, if he purchased the land say from a third party and the shooting rights were retained by the estate many yrs ago then it can be a mine field. If you have purchased the shooting rights from the said farmer then you should not need to ask the question.

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    on land i shoot at douglas the farmer bought the land from the neighbouring estate years ago. all the way up the centre is small copses where the estates game keeper puts his pheasants. i am under strict instructions not to ever ever go into them and shoot one.

    the farmer has no rights and the estate retained full access rights and shooting rights over these lands. the syndicate comes in and surrounds them and shoots them 4/5 times a year.

    its a great working relationship they have and i pick up the birds that stray out more than 100 yards.


    p.s forgot to say i am not allowed to install feeders either.
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    Here is a thread I started a while back, got some good advice from the chaps on this site:

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