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Thread: shotgun markings info help needed

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    shotgun markings info help needed

    hi folks,
    if this is in wrong section please forgive me didnt know where to put it.

    quick query for the gunsmiths with shotgun markings knowledge......
    i have a 12g side by side "victoria" (make/brand ) and its spanish i believe very plain but aws new and tight / mint
    my query.....if you look at the markings on under side of barrel its says 2 3/4".....ok so 2 3/4" chambers......
    but....along from there it is stamped "76"
    now im presuming that is 76 mm which i believed to be 3"....
    so is the gun 3" chambered or 2 3/4" chambered????
    not that i would use 3" it would kick like a mule and its a tight choked gun too
    photo of markings here
    ps any info on "victoria" as a maker would be much appreciated

    sauer / paul

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    Sauer, It looks like the barrels may have been reproofed at some time as it looks like a mixture of Spanish and English proof marks. The diamond with 12 over 70 is a mark for 12 bore with 70mm chamber, often used on continental guns. The British proof is for 2 3/4 inch cartridge length, which is the imperial equivalent of 70mm, so that would be the correct chamber length and not the number 76.

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    "76" possibly year of manufacture ?

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    The 76 and associated shield mark is more than likely an identity mark for foreign proof or even Quality Control. I reckon 76 is the individual, the shield the Company/House.

    I suspect bought in barrels for a branded marque who completed the gun.


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