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Thread: stalking sucsess rate

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    stalking sucsess rate

    Hi all, just wondering what people average when stalking eg sucsess rate to outing ratio? I know there are LOTS of factors which would affect this but just curious. Myn so far on this new bit of ground in scotland has been 7 trips stalking for 2 does and 4 bucks since Jan

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    I have seen quoted elsewhere, that the average success rate is around 1 in 4 outings, again an average of 12 hours stalking/sitting per Beast.

    Head down now anticipating incoming ! I did say A V E R A G E .



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    i dont think you can average out a stalk to success ratio because it contains to many variables.

    my own experience this year ties in with what tikka states as a pretty decent average.
    the only difference would be the hours.
    my average high seat sitting time is 3.5 hours.
    my average stalking time is 6 hours from start to finish.
    my average sight of deer to visit is 60% of the time i see a deer when stalking.
    my average for success rate is not calculable this year as i have past over several beasts and not shot them.
    what i have noticed is that when i stalk i put many hours in to it and sit for ages and thats what pays off.
    the harder you work for it the better returns you get.


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    Last season (may-may)i averaged one in three stalks,this season so far its been about one in five mainly due to a bit of a drought once the ever increasing fields of maize got up but when it comes down my averages should go back up but don't know if i'll get back to one in three though,from what i remember of simalar threads in the past its about one in four average for most stalkers.

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    It very much depends on where and what you are stalking. With woodland / farmland stalking my average has benn one every three or four outings - I typically go out an hour and half before dark. Will generally see deer but often wrong sex, in wrong place or not a cull beast. On the hill I would expect to least get into a shooting position on a suitable animal during the course of a day long stalk.

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    It all depends on your ground and what deer it holds and were its is. Out of 100 stalking outings lasting from 2 -3 hours i have shot 53 beasts this season. Last season i had 100 outings and shot 34 beasts now i am sure it is because i moved on to some new areas not because i am beter than i was. I go out twice a week some times more. But i would say that one deer every three outings is about average. Early season will be higher numbers but as you shoot them success will go down but that my average.

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    One every 3 to 5 outings through the summer and then one every 2 to 3 into the winter for me. Comes in feast and famine too. Took 9 trips to get my first fallow this buck season but got one on the very next trip too. Picked up 3 roe bucks during that time too.
    Reds on the hill are a totally different ball game

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    For Roe bucks,

    2008, 21 bucks over 38 outings, inc 5 medal class bucks.
    2009, 28 bucks over 40 outings, inc 7 medal class bucks.
    2010, 28 bucks over 52 outings, inc 8 medal class bucks.

    Though we select certain bucks and don't just shoot anything.

    For Roe does, we shoot about 60 in a winter and had 3 blank outings last year.


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    I like to think it's more a question of how many are seen during the stalk rather than how many are taken. At least that way my figures are positive

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    I've been 50% on all stalking in the last year, variable from woodland to open hill.

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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