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Thread: zeiss duralyt reticule

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    zeiss duralyt reticule

    Hi guys. I'm looking in to getting one of the above scopes in 3-12 x 50 but im not keen on scopes with very thin reticules (All my other scopes are 6x42 with no 4 reticule). So I was wondering if anyone has one would you be kind enough to take a pic through it so I can see what its like. If anyone has any thoughts on the scope please feel free to comment as I dont want to spend a lot of money on something that isn't up to the job. Cheers.

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    I bought one the other weekend at the Midlands Game Fair. Worth talking to Focalpoint ( as they did me a show offer at 599 for the 3-12x50.

    It uses a standard No 6 reticule; I haven't taken a shot through it yet, but seems fine to me. Plenty of websites have images:


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