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Thread: Newbie from Hertfordshire

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    Newbie from Hertfordshire

    Hello all,
    am a newbie to stalking in the UK but have shot deer, mountain goat and boar in Italy. Over hear I mainly shoot game birds as well as a fair number of pideons.

    Just had my interview with my FAO who has also offered to co-term my shotgun licence with my application for a FAC application. Only issue is that I only intend to shoot at various paid accompanied stalks (for now) so do not have any land permission. Hopefully I will be ok!

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    Welcome Don Corleone.
    I would have thought you would have those FEO's in your pocket!.

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    Alas tis a very different country!!

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    Just wanted to say good luck with co term licences as i know that shall we say certain FAO can be a tad offish at times

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    his name wouldnt be Bob would it? Had him for a long time but i got Mr parfit now a true gent

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    Definitely not going to say anything about a certain FAO who refused to remove conditions on my license even after getting my DSC1.... ended up taking it up with BASC.. if I were you I would talk to them

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    Hello and welcome to SD its a very good and friendly site enjoy yeh

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