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Thread: Requested .17hmr and got approval for air rifle.

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    Requested .17hmr and got approval for air rifle.

    I have a .22 rim fire and wanted to go for a .17hmr as well so got the variation forms done.Two weeks later got my fac only to find out they had given me a fac for a .177 air rifle instead of the hmr. Now it is all sorted.LOL. I got my hmr but just wondering if anyone else has had the same thing happen to them.

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    I have a couple of Greener single barrel shotguns, mysteriously they have grown another barrel each! (on my new shotgun cert anyway!)
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    On a new FC about ten years ago they gave me 6.6 mm ammunition for a 6.5 and I was allowed to buy 243 ammo even though I don't own one and there isn't one on my FC but then it is Cheshire

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    I asked for feral goats to be added and they put down wild boar too (for all my calibres) I must get round to pointing out that this is a mistake and ask them to take it off....I don't think! JC

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    asked for a .223 mod and go it + an extra slot for an additional .223 that in due course became a .375 lol

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    I'm the first to complain when the firearms department get it wrong or provide poor service but I am pleased to say that Gwent police have just returned my certificate having varied it in just over a week. I needed the certificate for a trip to Scotland arranged at very short notice but they came good. I can only give praise where it is deserved and in this case it is well deserved. First class service, I'm a happy bunny.

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    I'm glad Gwent sorted you out but i'm still waiting after severn weeks for them to put boar on mine.

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    Had problems with gwent, took 3 months for a variation which i finaly got last week, i asked for a .17hmr and .308 which i got but they forgot to put boar on it and i have a mentoring condition again for the .308 even though i have .17,.22 and.223 on open ticket.

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    I think part of the problem with them is that they have reorganised the department and have lost experienced staff. I phoned them two weeks ago and spoke to someone who simply didn't know what she was talking about, it's a good job I disregarded her and contacted the proper person direct.

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    Rang them yesterday spoke to a clown who said would ring me back, But you know thay didnt so back on the phone in a bit.

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