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Thread: dog in pup

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    dog in pup

    is it normal for a lab to be sick with a week to go before she has pups?

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    In my experience this is normal, few my bitches hed sickness and providing no other side e ffects also, and bitch happy and content otherwise ,wont worry and just monitor her prior whelping Alex

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    alan, dont worry this quit normal, ask the SD VET and i am sure he will say the same.


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    You sure she has a week left to go?

    In my experience every time I have had a litter, from memory the bitch would empty her stomach (from both ends) in preparation for the imminent birth!

    Look forward to hearing a vets input however.

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    Thanks everyone for your advice
    She had seven pups this morning, so my wife tells me,
    She (the dog) is struggling to produce milk, so my missus has had to go to the vets for a supply.

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    A friend of mine, well known breeder and trainer of gundogs up here in the Scottish Borders, used to give his lactating bitches a supplement with her food that was purchased from the vets, SA37.

    I have since always given it to any bitch of mine with pups and in turn sprinkle the powder form of this additive onto the pups food when they move onto solids. By bitches and their pups have always thrived. May be worth a go.
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