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Thread: Remington Premier Accutip

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    Remington Premier Accutip

    Hi guys,

    Has anyone got any experience of using the Remington Premier Accutip ammo in 22-250 calibre, 50grn?
    I was advised that you could use this round both for Roe and as a good fox round!
    Any comments much appreciated.

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    Yes, I bought a box of 20 when I first bought the rifle, nice groups and worked great on fox. I have started reloading and haev some 55g rems to try. Not tried on deer.

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    Good quality ammunition, I use the 75grn 6mm version.

    Having said this, I wouldn't use this type of bullet in a CF .22 for deer, lets face it, any expanding bullet in a .22-250 is going to be a good fox round so I would concentrate on its deer performance.

    When I used to use a .220 Swift for Scottish roe I used Speer soft points and Sierra GK's.


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    Thanks for everyones commments guys, as always, much appreciated.

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