View Poll Results: Is it ethical to shoot Hinds & Does out of Season between Mid May - 21st Oct

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Thread: Out of Season female shooting

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    Out of Season female shooting

    Is it ethical to shoot Hinds & Does out of Season between Mid May - 21st Oct

    Providing you have all of the correct authorisations etc do you belive it is ethical to shoot out of season females who may have dependant young?

    Personally I do not have any issue with culling heavily pregnant Hind and Does but draw the line at shooting females out of season that may have dependant young.

    In fact I try not to shoot mature females until Dec

    Just interested in people views there have been a couple of threads lately regarding this most of them went off at a tangent so please keep this objective and not get personal.
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    The estate I used to be a stalker on had a license to shoot hinds out of season.

    Whilst I did not have a problem shooting the hinds, I did not particularly enjoy gralloching them to find spaniel size young within - not pleasant and I soon stopped it despite the grief I got from the owner.

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    I would go with Davids post.
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    I dont think the question should be about ethics, more what is the correct thing to do with respect to the balance of the deer and the environment that they are in.

    If you are a recreational stalker and there are no pressures to prevent damage to the environment then it is only correct to follow the law and cull within the seasons stated. If however there is a requirement to cull deer to prevent damage and in turn perhaps grant payments and livlihoods, then I'm afraid that the probability is that the deer need to be culled out of season.

    The deer should only be culled though following the correct procedures, following best practice and having the correct authorisations etc where required.

    I wonder why you are posing this question

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    I don't really like the poll or the limited choice.

    I am a recreational stalker, so try and not shoot does with dependant kids/fawns before Christmas. I like them to stand a chance of surviving the winter. But I do do pest control for friends and will shoot pigeons, rats, rabbits, crows etc. at any time of year for crop protection and have no qualms about it. I would shoot deer, any deer, if they really needed culling at any time, providing it was fully authorised and legal. We have to face facts, and the fact is we are the only predator of deer in these lands and it is up to us to redress any balance of nature. Occassionally this may be distasteful, but if you don't like it don't do it.

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    I also wondered why, & marvelled at the limited choice, that's why I didn't make a vote.
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    I personally don`t have a problem doing it, although after having to do it in the past as part of the job it isn`t very nice to gralloch a heavily pregnant female and have to kill the young too.

    I agree with Jingzy regarding wether you are recreational stalker or not, the environment, and so longs as you have all the proper paperwork, but beware, there are plenty of folk willing to fill your boots if you are not up to the job.

    I didn`t think it long before someone would bring up the subject to be honest.

    If you are refering to one of the latest posts then they have been shot in an area of Caledonian natural regeneration, where the landowner and stalkers have permission do shoot all deer out of season.


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    In short, it can be a necessity to shoot out of season and even at night. I’m comfortable with this providing all the paperwork is in place.
    When it comes to ethics it’s each to their own I suppose.

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    shooting a deer while carrying a calf two weeks from birth to protect a tree.
    shoot a mothering deer with a calf at foot who is unable to defend itself if you cant get it too.
    not for me, never will be, time and a place and if the trees where really that valuable build a fence.

    if your guaranteed both mother and sibling then yes but there has to be a welfare issue not just trees.....


    hat on and i voted no.

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    I am interested in how our cousins south of the boarder can manage to protect trees natural heritige etc without night / out of season shooting.

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