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    good service

    I phoned kammo up and ordered a new pair of gaiters on friday afternoon, with me this morning (tues). just got to see how they fair next week in scotland.

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    Wore my photo-stalk Kammo gaiters last week up in Scotland - they kept me dry, not just in the horizontal rain but also when I disappeared into the bog up to my knees . This is about the 6th year of (occasional, but heavy) use and they still wash up as good as new.

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    willie_gunn , that 2 good adverts for them then, glad to hear it.

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    I had some Black Islanders which were great but not up to beating through brambles (an expensive lesson), so i bought some Kammo ones about three years ago, I cannot praise them highly enough.

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    just to let you know iam very happy so far with these after a week in the highlands

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