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Thread: 1st Fox with new CZ Hornet

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    1st Fox with new CZ Hornet

    First proper trip out with the Hornet and it's proved it's worth
    Started with a drive round the flattest dry'ish field (in a smart car ), not so dry after all, but didn't get stuck
    Moved on to plan 2, had a walk around a couple of the lakes and managed 2 rabbits and 3 moor-hens, all free hand shots at 35 yards or less.
    As it was getting dark I started a slow walk back to the car, but decided a sit under tree while I had a smoke was in order, nothing to see, and nobody to hear, so I tried to make a squeak with lips and back of hand (glad nobody was watching) it really didn't sound very good.
    But Mr Fox must have liked it, he popped out of a hedge about 170 yards away, I tried another little squeak and he came in to 130 yards.
    Then he just sat and watched me (probably laughing) he would not come any closer, and he was partially hidden behind a tussock of grass.
    All that showed was his head, more or less front on, just a small angle, range finder said 131 yards, I had the rifle on the sticks and could just make out his head through the little 4x32 scope, held on his left eye and pulled the (set) trigger, and that was the end of him.
    Bullet entered just beside his eye, some fragments of something exited the scruff of his neck/top of shouders, dropped on the spot


    This is the non gory pic, the other is not nice, Factory remington 35 grain Accu tip's are fairly destructive even on a good size target at that range.


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    Congrats mate. Read your post on the CZ yesterday, she's a beauty. Are you going to up the scope mag from x4 for charlie ?


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    Congrats too mate that is a lovely bit of wood even i could live with that,nice one.
    ATB Neil.

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    Nice rifle, nice shot...Agree with Ade though a bit more mag will help ensure a clear shot, although you did pretty good with this one...Imagine what you could do with 12x

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    I don't like wood stock's but that one could change me . Like the other's say a bit more mag for your scope would'nt go a miss. I'm using an 8x56 Doctor on my 22-250.

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    Thanks for the nice comments everyone
    More mag, yes I need it, but not too much, I want to keep the scope fairly small, sort of in keeping with the rifle.
    My .223 X bolt has a Nikon Monarch in 2.5-10x42, I held it along side the hornet and it looks too bulky (mainly the ocular and turrets), also even at long range I rarely turn it up past 8x mag.
    So I'm thinking about a 6x42 for the Hornet, would love a S&B or similar, but just won't be able to afford one, a Meopta is a possibility if I can find a good one second hand, I also like the range finding reticle they use.


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    I've got a spare Meopta Artemis 6x42 that I might be tempted to sell, point to note with the Meopta though, it's a very long scope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BwchDanas View Post
    I've got a spare Meopta Artemis 6x42 that I might be tempted to sell, point to note with the Meopta though, it's a very long scope.
    The length was something I worried about, the little Nikon is only 11 inches long, although the eye relief is also long at nearly 5 inches.
    How long is the 6x42 Meopta, and does your one have the rapid ocular focus adjustment ?


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    Exellent and a cracking stock indeed...

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    Hornet6 . Couple of points (1) Shooting on a Lake with a Rifle!!!!!!!!!!!
    (2) 3 MOOR- HENS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No i dont know the facts as i was not their, But shooting a Rifle on a Lake, is Dangerous and Moor-hens are classed as waterfowl and have a season (they are in season now) NOT classed as Pest or Vermin Just trying to help and would not want to see you fall foul of terms condition of your F.A.C or the Law

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