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Thread: great memories made

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    Fantastic read , always special to involve the next generation .

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    If you do the same again you want about 2ft (knee height) of ferns to lie on, they compress over night hence the bad sleep. Your boy would have slept better as he is lighter and thus less compression. If you’re doing this over a number of days you need fresh ferns on top of the old ones every morning built back up to knee height.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ludders View Post
    Not your usual write up but here goes

    my son who is 9 loves bear grhlys and all things survival ish. He has been asking me for a coupe of weeks to go camping in the woods. So Saturday night I decided to take him. We built a shelter out of a tarp, made a bed out of fern leaves and dug a fire pit. Before we went I asked him what he fancied for breakfast. He replied, we will find something!! So I took my rifle with me. As you can imagine I had a great night sleep laid on fern leaves, he slept like a log. I got off the floor about 430am and wait for him to wake up. 550am he crawls out of the shelter “come on dad let’s go and find some breakfast” I got the rifle out of the car (which was parked next to use on a track, bolt and ammo stayed in my pocket) and had a stalk to one of my high seats that was near by. We got close to a clearing that may have had deer in it. I stopped him and said stay behind me and follow me as quietly as you can. I took 3 steps and then heard the biggest loudest fart imaginable. I looked round at him and we both cracked up laughing. We walked another 500 yards to the high seat we were going to.we both climbed up and mate ourselves comfortable, this seat has been nick named the family seat as it is wide enough for 2 people. After 5 minutes he said “I don’t think we are going to see anything dad” I said “just be patient” next think I know he has snuggled in close to may and fallen asleep I put my arm round him to hold him in place. I said and watch the world go by for another 20 minutes, then I spot a young muntjac buck break cover about 80 yards away. As he made his way towards me I nudge Finley awake wait for the muntjac to present a shot, then boom he is down. Finley is now wide away” yeah with got breakfast” he says. We go and retrieve the buck he is beaming from ear to ear. We make are way back to camp. He says “I’ll built a fire if you cut it up” fair enough. I take it away from our camp and butcher off one of the back legs. He has the fire going when i return, we both sit and roast chunks of muntjac for breakfast. It was perfect. Proper father son memories have been made.

    I’m well happy with that nice to see some kids are out and not on the Xbox! I have 2 sons and I can’t wait to get them out into the woods like that.

    good effort.

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    Awesome little read. Nicely done.

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    Cant beat father and son time,

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    Great write up. I hope to do some similar things when my wee one is a bit bigger. Thanks.

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    Thoroughly-enjoyed reading that. Sounds like a fantastic experience for you both
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    Great read that, made me smile

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