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    Ok testing the water here folks.

    All being well my FAC should be here early next week, Im looking for a budget stalking set up along the lines of BRNO, Parker Hale. Screwcut with or without scope / moderator etc. Im not to fussey on the cosmetic side of things but also dont want to be replacing barrels that kind of thing in 100 rounds.

    Ive been invited out on the 11th October so Im working pretty tight timescales wise hence looking for a rifle already screwcut.

    Ideally within 50 miles of Reading / Henley on Thames. As to the budget as it stands its flexible withhin reason, one option Im looking at is a BRNO 601 around the 200 mark, but that needs screwcutting.

    Ive a few options Im looking at already but wanted to see what people here may have.

    Cheers Dak
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    Dak, hope you find what you want in the rifle choices, try to get something that someone has proven a load with in it, leaving it tight to find out what an unknown rifle likes.
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    Probably a statement of the obvious but have you looked on guntrader ?
    and not far from you by the looks of it

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    Hi Wiven

    Ive looked at that one...Call me old fashion but the bolt on that puts me off...

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    I will take it you figured it was the wrong photo
    think they banned semi auto cf some time back - mores the pity

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    LOL ok thats whats been doing my biscuit about it...Couldnt work the bolt out at all....Kept thinking looks like a semi....Maybe its some wierd action Ive never heard of

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    If its a standard PH (and not a converted sa ......) it will have a Mauser 98 based action / bolt , for the sort of money being asked and the fact that its threaded and described as little used i would say its deffo worth a look , PH are just not 'fashionable ' anymore but they were / are fine rifles that shoot very well , the only thing to watch would be the rate of twist of the barrel - some won't stablise 85- 100 grain bullets and it will spray them all over the place (i know this from bitter experience !)

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    Dakaras, buy this before someone else does. You won't regret it....

    For Sale: Tikka 595 .243

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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