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Thread: road legal quads - where to buy?

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    road legal quads - where to buy?

    anyone know where to get a good deal - in the south of england?

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    New or second-hand or don't you care? You might try Cannings in Wantage to see what they've got, though I think they are Polaris rather than Honda dealers.

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    cheers dom. ps, why do i need a polaris, i have a 22-250

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    Quote Originally Posted by Offroad Gary View Post
    ........why do i need a polaris, i have a 22-250

    Try Here

    Or Here

    Or Even Here

    Don't think you'll ever get a bargain at this unsettled time, but good luck.


    PS Had the Yamaha Raptor 600cc in Afghanistan in 2007, now if I had the cash, that's the bad boy I'd be getting, fitted with a CBR 600RR engine and gearbox. SWEEEEET
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    The quad I ended up with is a Bearcat 250cc,but has a road kit attached to make it legal!
    So I presumed you could make any quad road legal ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Offroad Gary View Post
    anyone know where to get a good deal - in the south of england?
    Speak to Bob,Les or Eddie at Taylors Tools in Kings Langley ( 01923 268355 ) they do new and used with low hours but always good for a haggle,drop my name if you like it may help.
    They are also an authourised Honda dealer.
    Brgds Pierre

    If you find anything that suits Gary give me a shout as I live quite local to them and am quite often in Berks may be able to deliver.
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    Buy a quad. Send off to DVLA with dealership/manufaturer serial number. Fit indicators,lamps and brake lights with CE markings, apply for tax disc/insurance and you are away. Terrain helmets ( ) are well worth a look.

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    Goingback is right on paper or in theory not quite so simple in realality infact a major pain in the behind.

    To get road legal need a reg plate to get ins and ins to get a reg plate and round and round it goes, indicators aren't strictly needed either (think a bit off a grey area). Mine and dads got indicators, my bro's doesn't same dealer all road legal. It cost something like 250 i think to get the paper work
    I have been told off an agri dealer almost impossible to reg a second hand bike (or old bike u've been sole owner for) which wasn't reg when new
    There was a similar thread a while back which may come up if u search for it.

    Unless buying new, if u need it road legal, find a 2nd hand one alredy reg

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