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Thread: New Mod For My .223

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    New Mod For My .223

    Guys I would like your opinions on the predator 8 compact moderator which I am considering going on my browning A- Bolt .223. I have also been recommended to look at Third Eye Tactical mods. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. FM.

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    wildcat compact have a look in here.
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    I like the DM80 or ASE Utra Jet Z
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    ase cqb would be my choice. they do a new one of the cqb as well now its only 90mm long.
    depends on what price you want to pay. the 3rd eye onces are very good so my mates say who have them.
    they say very cool to even after a string of shoots have been fired through them unlike the the other steel mods

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    I was hoping to get my grubby mits on a third eye spartan tomorrow but it look like I'll have to wait for a variation. I've only heard good things about them, the proof is in the pudding though. I'll put some pics and opinions together as soon as I get one. The guys are really helpfull and friendly on the phone though so give them a bell if you want any more info.

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