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    Tikka T3 Lite

    Well i now have my new Rifle . Picked it up today, T3 Lite .243. Hope to zero it 2morro if the weather turns better ! I cant wait to go out with it. Will try to get a few pics put on the site if i can work out how to .



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    Well done, don't go taking it to bed with you will you now,think the weathers better tomorrow its turned out lovely here this afternoon.
    ATB Neil.

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    Hi Steve,

    Well done on your new purchase. I have a sako 75 in .243 and it likes 100gr soft point RWS's. Might help you find the write ammo.


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    Thanks Rob i had a go at zeroing the the baby today i was using Federal power shock 85gr ! It was a bit windy but didnt do to bad will tweak it on saturday morning ( weathers suposed to be good ) also have to get a higher bi-pod im using the one off my 17hmr. Also will start to practice with some shooting sticks aswell.



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