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Thread: thought I would have a go

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    thought I would have a go

    Not too many of these up my way!

    The quality is not good, bloody hot mirage involved, and the drink to combat the dehydration caused the swaying about


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    Thats a bloody Donkey on Struie Hill !!!! and the hand shaking is after a drink at the Achness

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    That's more Green Horn than Prong Horn! Come on JayB stop mucking around put some proper deer on the site, what next a dodgy looking Loch Ness Monster you put together in your workshop!

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    Bloodyhell JAYB, is it me pi**ed up watching it or the cameraman filming it?


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    Na JayB filmed it during that Chinese earth quake.

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    After all the sun, and drink I needed somewhere to rest and get a "nice cup of tea", luckily there was a place close by


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    Looks like the kinda place old Wadda's would be found in. Especially if they serve a "nice cup of tea"

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