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Thread: kahles scopes whats the verdict ?

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    kahles scopes whats the verdict ?

    whats the opinion on kahles scopes ?

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    I have several and rate them highly. The company is owned by swarovski.

    Kahles are at least as good, usually more robustly made (hence being used by several country's sniper teams) and offer more moa & tactical models.

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    I would say despite being owned by Swarovski .......................... Khales I believe are the oldest optics maker.

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    I have a Kahles 3.5x10x50 on my Tikka & cannot fault it.

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    Re Kahles

    I have a Kahles 7x56 fixed power (not a misprint) which has better dusk light gathering factor than the usual 8x56, I have taken a fair bit with it mostly roe up to 140 metres.

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    I have an 8x56 on my .243 and highly rate it.

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    I bought mine 2-12 x 50 in the Bass Pro shop in Florida where I compared them to Swarovski, etc and ended up with a Kahles. End of day light gathering is ace.

    Only paid 425 for it too

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    Superb, i only had the Khales K18 4.5-18x50 though.

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    I was thinking about 1.5 6x42 CXSL for highseat deer and boar in Italy - coupled to Mauser .308. Views anyone?

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