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Thread: Custom Stalking Knife

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    Custom stalking knife, high vis.

    I Recently bought this from over the pond, but need some new bins so its time to go.
    Here is my Dan Crotts Heavy duty knife.
    The blade is in D2 tool steel and is 3"7/8 in length (same renowned heat treat as Dozier knives as Dan is his son inlaw) excellent ware resistance. If I said you can split hairs with this blade it would be true.
    The Handle is orange 10. a non porus fibre glass impregnated resiny stuff.
    The sheath is horizontal carry and clips on to your belt. the knife fits tightly into it and snaps into position. To remove it you lift first then pull. It is made from orange Kydex.
    The knife is brand new and unused or carried.
    The price is 200 inc RMSD if PP fees must be added.
    The knife is for sale on another specialist knife forum, so is subject to being sold elswhere.
    You must be over 18years of age to purchase this beauty !!
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    Has the fly in picture two fainted after realising how sharp that knife is?
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    It saw me take it out of the sheath and keeled over !!

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