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Thread: Thumbs up for Avon & Somerset LB

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    Thumbs up for Avon & Somerset LB

    Hi All,
    I sent my FAC in for a 1 for 1 (308 off and slot for a 223) and also asked if they would amend a moderator from a 308 to 223 and to consider changing my condition from “land deemed suitable by the head cheese” to open condition.

    Anyway short version I phoned them the day after my FAC got to them to make sure it arrived ok and to see if they wanted any extra information to be told “its already been done and has gone for signing”

    The said licence actually got back to me within 5 days.

    By the way, everything I asked for 100%

    Great service and praise where its due.

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    Well done to you nthor,I just got mine back after a variation,I got all that I wanted,but,it took 6 fecking weeks,and that was also with A&S.But because I was taking the number of firearms up to 6 they insisted on an alarm to be fitted,and a visit to make sure it was done.I had Mike Silcox(FEO) around,he took over from Barry Perkins that has recently died from cancer(RIP),he seemed a nice enough bloke though............Martin

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    I got a phone call and a visit when I got to 10 as i had bought some shotguns so went from 6 section 1s to a mix of now 11. The best bit is the wife to her they all look the same... I only got three cases so she thinks i only got 3 rifles and 2 shotguns I actually fine A&S ok

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    They managed to return my renewall of my coterminous shot gun and FAC in a month and before my last ones expired so well done.

    Yes they are insistent if you have 6 or more that you have to have an alarm fitted which I had to do this spring. I will be intrested to see if my house insurance premiums go down when I renew next month.


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