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    sorry if i should not be posting this question but here goes anyway. i have a very nice side by side 16bore /410 hammer gun. this was originally a combination gun and i think the 410 barrel was 9.3/74r before being bored out to a shot gun. i would love to get this converted back to a rifle calibre. Does anyone know of a gunsmith doing this type of work. am not fussy about calibre ;fox/deer. thanks ;discovery.

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    It would be worth contacting Nigel Teague (Teague Precision Chokes) who re-lines shotgun barrels. He might know of someone who can help, if he can't do the job himself.

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    I would have thought that it was perfectly possible especially if you go for a reasonably small calibre rifle giving the 'smith a bit more metal to work with and it may make life easier if it was a rimmed case?

    The problem I can see is finding a 'smith who has the time and interest to do it, most these days seem to be happy to make there money plumbing moderators, sending stuff away for un-nessesary proofing and rebuilding Rem 700's.


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    May I suggest you speak to Bob Harvey on 01827-383026. His workshop is in Garlands Yard but he is nothing to do with Garlands (the gunshop) them selves. He is a traditional rifle smith with experience of doubles and regulating them.

    Oh you might have to try several times as if he is busy testing or working on something he won't pick up the phone. As he says if I did every time I wouldn't get a thing done. it's worth the effort to keep trying though as his work is very good, neat and for a reasonable price too.

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    thanks,will try both men and let you know what they say

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