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    Last weekend, I had half a day's work to do in Yeovil so I decided to try and make the most of being in that part of the country. I dropped IanF a line to see if he was free to stalk a roe buck and luckily for me, it turned out he was.

    I arrived at his place on Saturday afternoon and we decided that an evening stalk could be done as there was plenty of time. Quickly went out to Ian's personal range only a few minutes from his place to check zero on my .308, came back to a hearty meal cooked by Jo. It was a massive pie, but there was very little of it left by the end as I think Ian had been fasting that day.

    Unfortunately, the roe didn't oblige in the field we waited out on Saturday. Sod's law though, when we decided it was too dark to shoot anything and were heading back, three deer were spotted scampering off into cover.

    The following morning, Ian promised to eat my sweaty hat if we didn't see deer at one of his current favourite spots. Five minutes into the stalk, three deer were spotted happily browsing away at about 180 metres. A buck, a doe and a kid. As we were in the cover, I sat down and got myself ready on the sticks. The deer were slowly moving towards us so I waited for a while to let them close down the range.

    As we were waiting, a fox made a run across the field from the other side towards some pheasants that were feeding near the deer. Decided it was time to shoot now. I took the shot which was a bit further back than ideal but bought the buck down on the spot with the .308 strike. Waited for about 10 minutes keeping an eye on the buck and made sure he was dead. The doe was still hanging around right up until we got up and walked towards the buck.

    Turned out to be a nice unicorn buck just starting to change into wintercoat.

    Another good weekend's stalking in Devon/Dorset. [/IMG]
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    Hia Mr Ferretmanabu,
    Nice outing and unique Buck mate. You must be made of sexier stuff than me. I have tried to get hold of IanF several times for a weekend cull with him that he's advertised, with no response whatsoever !!! What's your secret ?

    Safe Shooting Mate

    Ade 30-06

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    Is it just my immagination, or do bucks with only one antler tend to make up for the deficiency by growing a big antler? I have one, one antlered trophy and one with one deformed, small antler and one normal one. In both cases the "good" antler would have been worthy of getting measured had it had another one to match it.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Nice story mate are you sure that the antler was not just cast a few days earlier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    Nice story mate are you sure that the antler was not just cast a few days earlier.
    Thanks. It could well have done.

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