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Thread: My Lab Sika

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    My Lab Sika

    Sika update
    A few of you older existing members of the site that hav visited the dog section may remember my Lab bitch sika as a pup
    And also may of seen a few pics and clips of her as she progressed during her training and stalking duties
    since those days she has now progressed and has started her first season in the picking up world
    for those that are not familiar with Sika
    a little low down
    A black lab Bitch was trained on deer and deer alone from a pup
    at 10 months of age was accompany myself on virtually every stalk, walking loose to heel at my side, by 11 months she had several short finds of dead Deer in amongst the crops & a couple of decent tracks on runners all take at real time situ's
    and upto date has found many a potentially lost deer in the thickest of cover,
    a clip as a youngster on a fallow doe runner (real life footage )

    now at the age of 3
    It was decided she was ready for the transfer across to picking feathered game
    This was about her 3rd ever first retrieve off water using a dummy and you may notice I also hav another dog on the scene
    which I use to help aid with the steadiness in training

    this was her 5th ever retrieve on water and was also in the same training session,
    she had 7 retrieves in all and all on water, so had progressed well

    Sika picking her very first ever Duck off water, which was done in a live situ aswell (Sept this year)
    you can still hear the guns banging away in the back ground

    A few more pics picking ducks and partridge

    Pic of a good haul after an evening duck flight, where she was aided by one of my other springers (snipe) in the picking up

    And a clip of her picking a marked retreive on a duck several minutes after it had been shot and also the fact she had marked other ducks down aswell , between marking and picking the said duck

    and now the fun was over
    back to the job in hand
    out stalking with myself and a guest last sunday morning, completely ignoring the pheasants as they ran infront of us
    which I found quite remarkable since we had been picking up on a driven partridge the day before with plenty of birds brought back to hand
    I had expected a little more reaction to the phessies, but she stayed rock solid through out

    conclusion of that very stalk, of which a few may recognise the jammy fella

    I was concerned at first on how it may effect her going onto the feathered species
    but at the mo she has taken it all in her stride and has distingushed right from the start the 2 types of hunting she has been asked to participate in and acts accordingly to the training
    I am glad I trained her first for deer, as I hav actually seen the difference from all my other dogs that were trained to feather first then put on to deer
    So if any one was still a little confused about it all
    I hope this helps a little to ease your minds about the transition for a later date
    but Remember
    This is my dog, not yours

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    Coming on a treat mate, a credit to your hard work.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 243varmint View Post
    Coming on a treat mate, a credit to your hard work.

    Cheers Jon
    and also to some advice given by other members , when I first started out with her on the tracking side of it all
    just goes to show

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    Hej Richard, Nice to see Sika doing so well. Shows what a bit of training and a good trainer can do.
    The subject of dual purpose dogs came up on the dogs for deer day last weekend. Personally i don't see a problem with training for tracking and picking up or working your dog in the beating line. Why is it not possible to train a dog to track and a day later do dummy training?
    I will be getting a Springer pup in the new year and will be training for tracking and normal spaniel work. So we will see how that go's.

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    Hey Alan
    I heard the Deer 4 Dogs day was a huge success
    I presume there will be another?
    As for dual purpose, with the right training your onto a winner
    Good luck with the springer, should proove interesting
    look forward to hearing all about it and Im sure it will be fine

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    Hej Rich, You also make a good point on how long it takes to end up with a good dog. While many people think a pup falls out the womb fully trained, We know that all dogs need training and don't become really good much before they are 3 years old. As you have proved the training is well worth the effort.
    The next D,4, D is in the spring somewhen, in Derbyshire as i understand it.
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    I think I may know the very
    Hopefully you will hav time drop in, but we can talk nearer the date

    Now back to it
    It does take a few years of not just training, but lots of trial and error along the way
    and quite a few ruined stalks
    but then how can you train a dog to stalk with you, if you don't take it stalking as a pup and teach it on route
    3 years old and she has started to mature with plenty of finds under her collar.
    So yes, very pleased I never rushed her or expected more of her than she was capable of

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