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Thread: Sako 75 .223 varmint laminated stainless

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    Sako 75 .223 varmint laminated stainless

    Still looking for, and wanting a Sako 75 .223 varmint laminated stainless. It has to be good and I’m quite prepared to pay for that.
    Screw cut is not so important, in actual fact I would rather it not but, if so, then fine.
    I have asked this some weeks ago to no avail so, here I am trying my luck again. I know that that they’re hard to find but somebody may know of one somewhere.........if anybody does I will be eternally grateful for a heads up!
    I cover all the usual on the net several times a day but still could miss one somewhere. Otherwise it will be a new 85. (May consider a used one if it meets all the criteria)

    Thank you everybody for taking your time out to read this and here's hoping!

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    I know where there is one in .243 for sale, I think the price was £895 inc mounts and T8. I know its not what you're after but thought I'd mention it anyway. Bloody good rifles by the way, I've got the 85 in this spec in .243. JC

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