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Thread: Fantastic service from Opticron!

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    Fantastic service from Opticron!

    I use an Opticron field scope for spotting when I'm on the range, and when shooting .22 smallbore in competition. It's a big, heavy, 'scope (ES 80 GA ED v3) and mounts on the side of an Opticron bipod. All the weight is on the standard screw that mounts the scope.

    Halfway through a competition at the weekend, the scope fell off the mount - the threads on the scope had sheared... I was able to borrow a scope (not as good as mine) and continue, and despite not being able to see the fall of shot so well (and the extra stress) I still won my class...

    I called Opticron on Monday to arrange to send the scope back for a warranty repair, as it is less than 6 months old. I sent it next day recorded. Got a call just now from Sarah at Opticron, who said that she had received the scope yesterday and replaced the mount.

    She wanted to avoid the same problem coming up again, so she has also sourced me a tripod shoe and quick release plate, so that I will have a more stable fixing position!

    Absolutely brilliant service from Opticron - I had been warned that they may not even consider it a warranty repair, and say that I had cross-threaded it, but there was no suggestion of that, and they were so keen to ensure that I got good service from the scope...

    Looking forward to getting the scope back again tomorrow and trying out the new fitting!

    I highly recommend both the scope, and the service from Opticron.

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    I used and abused an Opticron spotting scope for years and it never let me down. I once bought four pairs of their binos for loaning out to visitors again, no problems and I have just bought a pair of their compact binos as a gift for an occaisional user. Very good company and good value products. JC

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    Totally agree, a top company

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    Pippa, a nice review! Very pleasing to hear about good service in these days.

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    Pippa, you sure you haven't had any brotherly interference with your scope?
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    I 100% agree with Opticron service being second to none.

    I have used a pair of Opticron 10 X 50 BGA roof prism Binos for the last 15 years or so. They were 400 when I bought them, which for me, at the time were an expensive pair of bino's. I have never once regretted buying them and they consistently out perform Binos in the 1000 class.

    As you can imagine after 15 years of stalking use, they were in need of a service. both the objective lenses had scratches in, and the eye lenses were covered in fine marks from over enthusiastic cleaning/removal of crude by me.
    I returned them to their service department, hoping that they could somehow refurbish them. I was contacted by Sarah, and she said that she could probably try to do something about them for me but wasnt sure exactly what she would be able to do and how good they would come out.

    Here is what they did

    (1) replaced both objective lenses, and polished eye lenses

    (2) replaced the objective bell on one side due to it being dented ( I knew it was dented but not much)

    (3) totally fully serviced the binos, and relubed the focusing mechanism

    (4) replaced the rubber armouring, replacing the worn one with the latest design brand new one

    (5) replaced the perished eye cups and packed a spare pair of eye cups (which I had asked for)

    (6) gave me F.O.C a new neoprene wide bino strap

    The bino's came back looking like new, and functioned flawlessly like they were brand new.

    I am delighted with their service and old fashioned attention to detail, and I think Sarah is a miracle worker. The bill for all this was 160

    Brilliant company in every way, and for people looking for great optical kit at resonable prices.........Look no further than Opticron. Current price of their top of the range roof prisms are 750(ish) and worth every penny. Certainly give Leica and Swaro a run for their money

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    I bought a pair or Opticron 8x56 binos a few months back.............a cracking set of binos for the money. Opticron are very good value for money and you don't walk around shitting yourself that your going to drop / scratch them like you would with a pair worth

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