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    Greetings Guy's,

    Been reading to forum for a while, I was a bit hesitant about joining and contributing. I thought some replies were are bit harsh and others were so full and technical that I was not worthy. But the toe is in the water now. Live and shoot in NE Scotland been here for 15 odd yrs. Been a game shot for 10 yrs or so and stalking for about 5. I shoot a CZ 243 std. Hated the recoil and it wasn't a floating barrel (not sure if was supposed to be). So I got a bit lopped off the end and fitted with ASE Utra JET Z, and the barrel floated. A lot happier with it now. Passed my DSC 1 earlier this year with BASC, and learnt loads.

    Thats aboot it.


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    welcome to the asylum

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