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Thread: Why "Bullet Heads"?

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    Why "Bullet Heads"?

    I've noticed the expression "Bullet Heads" creeping into wider and wider usage (even amongst members of this august assembly) and I wonder why? I also notice I'm not alone on these pages in finding the expression inappropriate, misleading.... and just plain wrong.

    Where did this expression come from? and are we who detest it just going to have to come to terms with it being here to stay?

    As ever, apologies if this topic has been done to death already.

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    I shall never come to terms with sloppy terminolgy. At best it's lazy, at worst dangerous. Bullets are bullets, nothing else. Drives me mad.

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    It still annoys me to hear the the so called description "bullet heads" crept in many years ago and never did get knocked on the head.


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    It's an Amercanism and a poor one too .

    But if you try to educate some they get all narky and stroppy as I found out. Or as the locals around here would would say he they get reet mardi!!

    The only head in our ammunition is where the primer pocket is situated and where the cartridge is marked with brand and type on the headstamp .

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    Poor usage of language, no excuse!

    Having wasted what little chance of schooling I had, I have spent years reading and trying to improve what little brain I have. People trying to confuse me is just plain nasty

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    I agree with the previous correspondents.

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    I agree BUT come into contact with so many shooters must admit to "slipping" sometimes, I'm sorry lads truely I am.
    regards John

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    Bullets are indeed bullets.
    Heads are in dick... and knob!.

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    heads are often used to reload people that use them in their weapons!!!!

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    You walk into a gunshop and say "I need some .223 bullet, please." Inevitably the response is something along the lines of "the whole cartridge or just the heads?". By saying bullet heads, you make it clear in the first place. Some people also still refer to the whole cartridge as a "bullet" so it saves confusion in conversation.

    Irritating for the pedants but makes life easier for the pragmatic.

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