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Thread: Big Horn Sheep on dam wall

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    Big Horn Sheep on dam wall

    Not that stalking related but I got sent this picture and could hardly believe it.

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    Ibex in Italy according to this

    Still impressive though!

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    Amazing, can't see any food, must be using it as a salt lick or some such

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    That's not the Buffalo Bill Dam. I've been across it and that ain't it! Neat photo though.~Muir

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    Great picture, what on earth would encourage them to go there??

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    Clearly its mother was a Geckoe !

    Great photo

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    Damned if they do, damned if they don't?

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    Geez, a whole flock of them too... You have to wonder, what would happen if they got startled by something? I mean, could you take a safe shot and how ethical would it be? Where's Gitano when you need him?

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    I suspect Barnes would have a solution to this scenario...

    Barnes Wallis, that is!


    Coming soon to BBC2, "Extreme One Man and his Dog". Haw-eh, haw-eh. Cum bai, cum-bai.
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