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Thread: help needed for my vitara

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    help needed for my vitara

    help wanted please !! just bought a suzuki vitara 1.6 8v petrol 1996 p reg .. but its got kangaroo petrol.. worse going up hill...

    tried changing fuel filter and bistributer but no better ..

    any ideas ?


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    check the ht leeds pal sounds like it could be that also check the ditributer cap spark plugs and air filter all could cause this i have same beast pal thats what i would check great wee motors though hope this helps you

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    Could be air, fuel or spark! Check air first as it's cheapest and easy.
    I just so happen to have a Haynes manual for a SJ and Vitara 1982 to 1997 (up to P reg) 4 - cyl petrol which I no longer need.
    You can have it for 8 quid posted!

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    Had simliar problem with my grand vitara, would push and pull when accelerating, had the emg sensor changed and cleared it, was a intermittant problem till i sussed it was doing it at certain revs and operation, dont use pattern part as my garage did only suzuki ones work well. Deerwarden.

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    Buy cheap, pay dear!!

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    I had one nop kangaroo petrol but 20 miles to the gallon was a killer.


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    This sounds like HT Leads to me, worse underload generally points to electrical.

    Buy a set of ignition leads and swap them one at a time or you will end up in a pickle. Make sure the coil is clean where the lead enters. your is too old for engine sensors etc, which is easier to troubleshoot. You could do worse than change the plugs while you are at it and look at the colour of them, a discoloured one will point to the problem.

    Hope this helps

    Was self employed grease monkey for far to long.................

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    When all else fails take the water out the float chamber or fuel tank and al will be well. Don't know the vet. but usually it is something simple. My landy used to be the gauze on the bottom or the fuel pipe. Undo the banjos and make sure you do not have an inline filter. Work from the carb first then follow your fuel line from the tank.

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