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Thread: FC to go ?

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    FC to go ?

    Just been reading on another forum that the FC is to be axed. Would this affect stalking?
    Anyone heard anything.
    some others to be axed as well
    Quango cuts full list: download it as a spreadsheet | News |
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    Updated its under review what ever that means

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    Spoony i have no idea interesting reading and i am sure it is time to streemline some of the agencys or it is up to them to provided information to show they are a real benifit to the country and its people.

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    But one thing to remember it is Forestry Commission, England, Scotland and Wales since 2003 ,which both Scotland and England are run by there country directive in respect England is run by Westminster, Scotland is run by Edinburgh (info from Fc web site ).

    So just what is under review ????

    Someone opening there mouth and letting there belly rumble by the sound of things .

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    From that link it is the Quango to the FC, not the actual FC that is to be abolished.

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