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Thread: 28 bores

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    28 bores

    I have shot now with a 20B for 18 years,
    I have a thing now for smaller gauges for game.
    I have picked up behind Terry harper (england shot) using a 28 on a high pheasant shoot and he did as well as anyone even those using 34g's of 5's
    Before I take the plunge have any of you experience on game with a 28.
    Looked at a couple today both 30" Mc's very nice.
    I'm tempted

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    Just out of interest, what sort of load do people use in a 28bore nowadays, and how heavy are these 30" specimens?

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    My 20 is a 30" sporter mc.
    A great gun and it handles 28gr Hv's with ease and little kick.
    It wears 1/2 choke in both barrels and loves 5's
    Its still a little lighter than a standard o/u 12 game gun but points better.
    The 28's are fractionally lighter again (in sporters) but if you went to a game gun I would imagine maybe 5 1/2 lb?
    And most game shots are using 23-25 gr of 6 or 7's.

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    I've used a 28 on pheasant and seen several others on the shoots using them. They will do the job perfectly well but are a bit unforgiving unless you are spot on. If you are confident, go for it they are a very nice gun to use.

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    I've never used anything other than a 12bore for game-shooting. 20b and smaller are certainly elegant and handy, but in my view 'pointability' is more to do with fit and balance that bore and weight.

    I use 25gram loads in my 12bore when practicing on clays, and often 28g/1oz loads on game. I prefer the idea of a lighter load, no more than 1 1/16oz, in a 12 to absolutly caning some poor drinking-straw to death with a 12bore load!

    Mind you, I'm a strong lad and can handle a 6.5lb gun with the best of them; and if you're going to use a 12bore load, it will be handled much more efficiently through a 12bore!

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    I am in a 28b syndicate great little gun, no room for error although I find the kills are clean as you are either spot on or not. I must admit you don't have the same range but like everything else you get to know you and your guns capabilities.

    I don't go for heavy loads, i have an old h&h boxlock built in the 20's [my great uncle lost his arm at Galipolli and shot one handed with this gun, so it has great sentimental value, and many of my family learn't to shoot with it] .

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    I have just sold (traded) a Miroku Mk70 28 bore, had it for a few years and loved it, just not using it much due to health reasons.
    It weighed 6lb 5oz with it's multi choked 30 inch barrels, easy to carry, and still enough weight to swing well.
    Walked up birds I used 24 gram loads, for high birds 28 gram loads rule, and still the recoil is less than 28 grams from a 12 or 20.
    For clays 16 or 21 grams does the job, also good enough for rabbits.


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    I'm always a little sceptical when I read that shots are either missed or clean kills; not, I emphasise, because I doubt the skill and sportsmanship of those who say it, but rather that if a bird were pricked and flew on, one would not necessarily have any way of telling.
    Furthermore, I think that the observed effect of more clean kills might be be in some measure result from those who choose to use smaller bores doing so beacuse they are good shots, skilled at judging range and shooting within their limits and those of their equipment.
    It would then be coherent to argue that these sportsmen shoot well despite the limitations of their smallbore guns, and that while they make a good choice for a specialist, an average shot would be better off with 30grams of 6s through an ImpCyl/half 30" 6lb10oz 12bore. Like mine, in fact.

    The argument used in favour of using a 12 or 16bore with loads approaching 1oz or more used to be that pushing a long, thin column of shot required a good deal more pressure than pushing a short fat one (witness the proof pressures of smallbore shotguns), and that this pressure would cause more deformation of the shot, and therefore more 'flyers' from the main pattern.
    I guess that modern plastic wadding does much to mitigate this effect but given the choice, I would pick 28grams over a fibre wad through a 6.75lb12bore, rather than 28grams through a 28bore weighing only a few ounces less.

    It is a grand thing to have the choice and to be able to excercise it as one wishes, though!

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    Any keeper knows that what Dalua says is correct, in game shooting you are not using a rifle and some birds will get pricked with shot, how many is open to conjecture, you never know. There are few shoot days where I sweep round the following day and don't pick up a few birds that are pricked.
    Unfortunately, in these days of a desire to shoot higher and higher birds a rise in pricked birds is inevitable. I have seen a very good shot using a 410 on driven pheasant and to a degree one could say that say in his case it was the nearest to killing or missing cleanly I have ever seen.

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    the trouble with using the smaller guage shotgun is that it has now become a thing by which people show off and only to the cost of there quarrry. i use a 12bore and to be honest i'm not the worlds best shotgun shot and i need all the lead in the air i can get but it does grip me when i see people pricking birds just because they want to brag that they can do what you do with a smaller gun. we all know that pellet for pellet all of the shotgun's are pretty much the same and a .410 can kill as good as a 12bore but before you run off down the gunshop to buy the latest fad in shotguns just think about how good you really are and weather you can truly do the job with a smaller gun and if you can, well done and good luck to you but if you cant there no harm in knowing your limits. as responsible game shots it's our duty to kill our quarry as quickly and cleanly as we can and not to have 3 pheasants suffering in a hedge where they have been shot just so we can tell all our mates about the 4th that we killed at 45yrds with a .410

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