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Thread: Last chance to vote

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    Last chance to vote

    Dear all

    This is your last chance to vote Griff (Neil Griffiths) onto BASC council and is your last chance to vote for someone who will make a significant impact to affect change positively within the shooting community.Also someone who will not put up with any BS or nonsense

    So this is your last chance to make sure your Granny and 3rd cousin removed cast their vote and use it to the best effect.

    PS closing date to vote is 4th June. Results will be known at the AGM to be held on the 14th June I believe.

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    We had various threads about BASC and the fact that they don't listen to its members. No reply from BASC on any of them even when they were invited to comment. All of a sudden BASC needs our help, no thanks not interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf
    We had various threads about BASC and the fact that they don't listen to its members. No reply from BASC on any of them even when they were invited to comment. All of a sudden BASC needs our help, no thanks not interested.
    I think thats kind of the point, Neil Griffiths will hopefully bring a bit of the 'every day man' to the basc council

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    Well as I have just said, Griff and the rest of BASC have been very absent for many of the members of this site. They were told about the discussions we were having on this site. If some thing was going to be done, if Griff wanted our support; surely that was the time to get our trust and his votes. I wont be renewing my membership of BASC and I'm sure that will be the case for many on here.

    Trust is won with actions in the here and now, not empty promises on the wind.

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    I agree Mr. B. If our vote was so important, maybe a quick post or two from the man himself would not have gone a miss.

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    OK, who is Neil Griffith? Who is he and what can he do for us as stalkers (Deer!) in the world of BASC and the wider community?

    Who is our present point of contact within BASC for stalkers/stalking?

    And why would he make a difference? Where is he from? What is his background?

    An answer or two would not go a miss

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    He is the BASC Co Ordinator and stalker for the Isle of Arran. He is generally well supported on another site called Accurate Reloading. Some of our members are also members of this site.

    I myself am a member, but only because several individuals on the site questioned my having access and leasing up to 180,000 acres of stalking across the UK. Griff was one of the doubters, although I will say they all apologised to the man when they found out who I was.

    I agree with Mr B, BASC have not responded to our threads on this site, which I hoped they would. I suppose it goes to show that their attitude has still not changed what a pity.

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    I think that the 'Us and Them' attitude that we know of BASC is being used here to get our support.
    It’s not in my opinion a case of the ‘well to do’ BASC hierarchy members ignoring the general membership and looking down their noses at us, its whoever gets into that BASC clique; whatever their background forgetting who put them there. Once they don the mustard coloured corduroy trousers and cravat and get some free meals and booze down their necks, the memory loss comes into play.
    BASC must model itself on this Labour Government, promising the world, getting their feet under the table and then ignoring its people but expecting them to pay through the nose for the privilege!

    So come on BASC lets have it what are you going to do for us?

    BASC cuts down a whole forest in order to publicize its candidates for its council. These leaflets fall annoyingly out of the magazine and gets put through the shedder or goes in the bin in my house hold. All that money wasted! I happen to know that this site runs on a very tight budget and that the Administration does it for the love of it. So why do BASC feel with all their money that they can use this site to promote its candidates? Surely if they had gone through the correct channels they would have been invited to mention all candidates rather than just one?

    Whoever wins needs to stop ignoring this site, its membership and our views and needs to respect this site and ask permission to use this site to promote its political views.

    The ball is in your court BASC; choose your words in response carefully.

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    Whilst I don't like people and politicians touting around for votes - usually the only time you see or hear from them - , I feel the very fact that Mr Griffiths has, as far as I can see me. made no attempt to speak to us using this Forum speaks volumes.

    No vote from me and I will be looking around for alternative insurance when my BASC membership is up for renewal later this year.


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    I am not sure but I assume the person concerned is Griffshrek on this site. I have looked at his posts here and AR and he seems eminently reasonable and seems the kind of guy that would be able to represent those that stalk perfectly adequately. I dont know him and probably wont vote, but respect the fact that he has not used either forum to gain political capitol. If he was elected at least we could PM him and give him the benefit of our views.

    Grif if I have confused you with someone else, please forgive.


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