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Thread: A simple question I think!

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    A simple question I think!

    Does anyone shoot the Sako 123g in 308, and what do they think of them? my rifle has a 20" barrel. I want touse them as an all-round deer bullet, Munties, Roe and Fallow and the very odd Red.

    I shoot a 243 with 105g through a 20" barrel, and am very happy with this and have shot all deer species in the UK with great effect, so why am I asking about a 308 you ask. I have one and I want to start using it more, and my stalking grounds have changed since I have moved from the Hants/Wilts borders to Suffolk where my primary quarry will be Fallow not Roe and I will be shooting in heavily wooded ground not open down land, and I think being sensible I should be using my 308 more as it will give me more knock down power.

    Is there a big enough difference in energy between the two rounds or should I be thinking of going to a bigger bullet in the 308 i.e. 150g, though in the past I have found my 308 shoot much better with a lighter round, though I have not tried them all.

    I am not great on the ballistic side of things so would much appreciate some advise and your thoughts.

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    Have moved thread to rifles and calibres do not know how to delete thread, sorry if you think i doubling the thread.

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    I use the 123 gn in my .308 and am very happy with it and my rifle has a shorter barrel than yours. This round has been discussed before. If you search for it you will find quite allot on it, most of which is favourable if memory serves.

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