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Thread: Zero and loads

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    Zero and loads

    I started a thread the other week asking about loads for Sika. I had a good response and many kindly told me there recomendations. I noticed that Barnes TSX and Nosler Partitions seemed very popular.If I went with Barnes TSX it would mean I could work up a load using th 120 grain bullet....thats what I shoot now in Pro Hunter. If I go the partition route it would jump to a 140 grain bullet.

    My question is...would I be better sticking to 120 grain as it will possibly be easier to work up a load, plus the zero shouldnt change that much???? OR am I better using the 140 grain partition for the extra 'clout' ( or wouldnt it be that much difference as the bullet would be moving slower than the 120).

    Finally do you think there will be alot of difference in the zero ....hence why I am erring to 120s as I may be able to shoot pro hunters today and Barnes TSX the both 120 grain.

    Hope that clear


    Forgot to say I shoot 6.5 x 55 ..and my pro hunters chrono at 2811 or so
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    Pete, there is no way of knowing if the 120's and 140's will shoot to the same POi until you try them out. FWIW, by hand loading and tweaking the powder charge, you may well be able to make them shoot to the same POI, but you may have to accept a load for the 140's which is not the most accurate to get it to shoot the same as the 120's.

    To answer your first question, I would use the 120's for the Sika, as fast as you can make them go....

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    Hi Brian

    Thanks for your reply and agree with what your saying regarding the two bullet weight zeros, sorry dindt quite explain myself there )) ...I am as you suggest erring towards just sticking to the 120 grain weight as I reall cant be bothered messing about with doing another load in 140 ( as 120s work superb for me ) and also having to re-zero when I go for Sika.
    Its just its been a bit of a mine field trying to select a bullet head to choose ( mainly due to the much info overload ) but my choices would seem to be.

    120 grain TSX...told this will make a good exit wound if I get a runner, but also told it has to be 'moving' , well my pro hunter do 2811-2900 depending on the brass used.
    Also told its seating fussy? could this be a problem with a 6.5x55 Tikka due to the throat depth ?? Also told they foul the barrel....not a problem as I clean the rifle.

    Hornady 120 GMX...this is a harder head than the TSX so less copper fouling, downside is is will it be less likely to defrom/open up and so act like a spear?

    Nosler 125 grain partition...told less fouling off jacket ,may stabilse better????, and should be around the same zero ( I know what I put 123 grain match through rifle the zero is more or less the same as the 120s ) Once again the bullet shoud open up at 2800 + and 'punch' through the other side of a Sika..(one of my pro hunters failed to do this, hence why I am looking for another bullet)

    As said in my previous thread regarding this bullet placement is No1 ...and I agree. I know I can go to 130 and 140 grain or more but Im confident of my abilities with the 120 grain and feel its better to stick to one weight.

    Has anyone got any experience of the bullets above please before I make a final choice and see if it works in my gun.

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    Thanks for your reply Jcs will have a look at them


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