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Thread: what scope?

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    what scope?

    Being a new comer to stalking what, given no monetary restrictions, would be your ideal scope to cover all stalking eventualities?
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    Stand back and wait for the numerous opinions on this one!

    I purchased it a while back Swarovski 2.5 - 15 x 56 BT 4AI

    Perfect on my .270 for sitting up in the woods with low light, on the hill for some Reds and with the BT turret system zeroed I just have to wind it onto the next coloured ring for my selection of zero (100yrds), 200, 250 and 300yrds.

    Amazing light gathering, well built and should last a life time with correct care.

    That said most of the big 3 will do something similar.


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    .....and here is another opinion........and assuming predominantly UK and European antics

    Schmidt and Bender 3-12 x 50 A8 ret

    Very clear, not too heavy, fab light transmission, excellent after sales service and, with the exception of driven boar, I've tested it in almost every condition and it's never been found wanting.

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    I bought a Swaro Z6i 3-18x50 IR, BT's etc earlier in the year. It is an excellent scope, but much too big and complicated for a general purpose deer rifle.

    I would buy a Z6i in 2-12x50 or 1.7-10x42. Be careful what reticule you pick as the Z6 reticules are very thin and can disappear in low light, hence the IR feature.

    If I wasn't going to be doing much close up woods stalking, I might just put a Swaro fixed 8x50 IR on. Great scope for a deer rifle.

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    If i could justify nearly 2 grand, i would go for the swaro 2.5-15x56 with ir. I would be happy in the knowledge that it will serve all eventualities.The warranty is top class as well. Regards, Ed.
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    As good as you can afford, or on a budget go for bushnell or a burris now jap made. Top end Bushnell Elite's start under 500

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    Oh Lordy, here we go .... thinking about cost, there are plenty of German fixed power scope available S/H - a used S&B 8x56 wont mean that you'll have to sell a kidney to that Chinese surgeon to pay for it. Similarly, at the affordable end of German glass, what about a Zeiss 7x50 IR?

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul at barony View Post
    As good as you can afford, or on a budget go for bushnell or a burris now jap made. Top end Bushnell Elite's start under 500
    Quite a way under 500 if you are willing to import from the US via everyone's favourite auction site. I have been so impressed with US based, Jap/Phillipino constructed kit recently. My Vortex scope and Leupold binos are excellent, comparable to European equipment almost twice the price.

    I can't really comment on the best scopes for an unlimited amount of money as I don't tend to look through scopes I can't afford!

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    I was thinking of one of these:

    Zeiss Victory 6-24x72 T

    but wondered if the large objective lens would cause problems
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    you will get some interesting answers..

    for me either S&B PM11 in;





    Zeiss Hensodlt in 4-16x50

    They would suit all my requirements in a scope.

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