being as the weather forecast for the next few days say's wet and windy I took 22 rimmy out bunny bashing, they were in short supply so set up a target board to makesure rifle was zeroed and for a bit of plinking, forty rounds later with fading light called it a day, got home and cleaned wax and debris out of action and quick pull through with bore snake (only clean properly every 4-500 shots), it was reasonably clean with the exception of greyish hard build up in bore, parts of the baffles and outer tube, it's a SAK mod, tried scraping off build up but soon stopped as I realised that this hard build up wasn't soot or powder particulates and was probably primer debris, ie. lead styphnate and powdered glass, not the best stuff to be inhaling, apparently when fired the lead styphnate turns into a lead salt, absorbs water out of the atmosphere and becomes "sticky" hence the build up and eventually drying out causing this build up of I can only describe as cement like, so I put the stripped down mod into the the ultrasonic cleaner, gave it 3x8 minute blasts, not much difference to be seen, forgot to mention that I'd put some coke in the cleaner, this really cleans cases inside and out, I use asda coke, 18p for 2 litres, anyway decided to leave mod in soak overnight, about 12 hrs, this morning gave mod a brush with an old 410 bronze brush and all the crud came off and apart from 5 years of knocks the anodizing shone like new and I'm well chuffed, I think if I'd left the mod soaking for another 12hrs the crud would have wiped off with just a cloth, I'll clean the mod everytime I use it, as I've started doing with the with the 223 dm 80 mod as it can be a bit of a struggle getting them apart if left a bit long between cleanings, anything for an easy life me....callie