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Thread: harkila or seelander

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    harkila or seelander

    For years i have been wearing barbour or similar jackets, with a fleese i had best of both worlds, warm & cosy for walking, breathable & cooler for hunts, & more vigerous adventures, without.
    It that time of year & i need a good jacket. Which way do i go ? seeland or harkila. Help

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    If you can afford it - go for Harkila every time. Better materials, better made, performs better and back-up service has been great in my experience.

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    overrated and over priced in my opinion both of them and funnily enough my ram jacket or ancient swanndri have never required a back up service!!

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    Harkila is 3X the price it should be.. 85 for a pair of gloves that wont fit inside any trigger guard !!!!
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    I wouldn't give Seelander the time of day, but having tried plenty of other jackets I bought a Harkila about a year ago. Never looked back, great bit of kit. Never been cold or wet in it. Bought the pro-hunter suit.

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    harkila pro hunter suit total rubbish i am on my second suit after waiting 6 months to get it replaced by far the most over rated crap you could buy anyone who thinks other wise has not used it daily/professionally .after service is a joke so is the five year warranty and it is also very noisy dont be fooled by magazine reviews it is total *****...........

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    I have the Harkila pro huter light jacket (picked it up for half price in Inverness) very nice bit of kit dry, warm and not too bulky thinking about getting the prohunter trouser's as I'm tired of wet leg's.

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    Haven't tried Seelander but both the Harkila Prohunter jacket and Kodiak trousers I've got are excellent.

    I'd also rate Sportchief kit - I wore their trousers stalking in Scotland last month and they kept me bone dry, even though I was lying in 6 inches of water for 15 minutes waiting for the right stag to present a clear shot. They are fleece lined, which means they can be warm when the sun's out, but that wasn't a problem in Sutherland this year

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    If you have any Gore Tex product (Which all harkila jackets are) you have the option to return it to Gore in livingston for a full refund if it is leaking at any time. You do not have to wait for your retailer or harkila to do this for you. I have done this a few times with other products and have found them to be very helpful.

    Full details can be found here - Gore-Tex Guaranteed

    If the prohunter is not for you, what other suit do you reccommend?

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    Harkila guarantee only covers material failure, not lack of waterproofing. I have both jacket and trousers (over a year now) and can honestly say that the trousers are a little drier than jeans, but only on sunny days. The jacket is comfortable and not over warm, but I don't like a jacket to be too warm anyway, it is shower proof, but when the rain comes heavy and horizontal it gets wet at the elbows and under the arms where the vent zips leak, it also gets very wet when used for crawling in wet peat/moss. Definitely not the best gear I've used. I still have two Kammo jackets that are ripped and torn on the outside (had both for over ten yrs) but they refuse to let in water. If you are out in very wet conditions I would say that Nomad stuff is probably as good as is out there. Next time I am out in the wet (more than likely next week) I will wear the Harkila jacket and take pics of where the wet comes in, just to show folks who think they are buying some great gear

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