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Thread: Weighing scales for big deer

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    Weighing scales for big deer

    Thought I would share THIS bit of kit with you all.

    They weigh items up to 330lbs which is 23st 8lb or 149.7kgs

    I have been using it in conjunction with an 8 winch from LIDL on red stags no problem whatsoever. It is also a lot cheaper than some others on the market.

    I have no links whatsoever with the company selling this however I can vouch for their service from my experience as being first class.



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    David, that looks a very good price. How long have you been using yours? JC

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    About a couple of months, no complaints yet they seem really solid as i have dropped them a few times
    and they are still fine

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    Is the 8 winch readily available from lidl or is it one of there special offers?

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    It was a special I think. I got a couple about a year ago think they were actually 6.95 each. They hold 200kgs each

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    Price Increase

    So the scales were 32, and are now 38.50 (but they're sold out) Don't they realise that the recession hit everyone in their wallets?

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